April 24 2014

11 Tony Blair’s Middle East speech: dangerous and anti-Muslim

2 Jenin refugee camp hit by wave of Israeli raids and killings

7 BDS activists leaflet Ben & Jerry’s shops on commercial ties to Israeli settlements

22 Israel stops US-led peace talks citing Palestinian unity (Updated)

2 From McMecca to McJerusalem

April 23 2014

60 Video: Israeli soldiers detain 6-year-old child on his way to school in Hebron

43 ‘Al Jazeera’ examines Jewish constellation of lobby elites, and marginalized ‘universalists’

46 A Jew who visited Palestine responds to ‘NYT’ assertion that Palestinians want to kill all Jews

11 ‘There is no ‘Palestine Exception’ to free speech rights’: Northeastern overturns Students for Justice in Palestine suspension

15 John Kerry and the Pope set to face off with Jewish Knight Templars on the Temple Mount

65 Registration of Jews and other human beings

22 Palestinian youth fulfill their ‘right of return’ to the destroyed village of Iqrit

21 Israeli settlers release wild boars on Palestinian farmland to destroy crops

April 22 2014

38 Federal agencies express concerns about Israel’s entry into the Visa Waiver Program

74 Peter Beinart misses South Africa’s apartheid lesson, Gideon Levy gets it

29 Passover Auto-Pilot

18 Global Earth Day coalition drops SodaStream over complicity in Israeli occupation

44 Snowden revealed a world of conspiracies I once would have scoffed at– Bryan Burrough

24 Bridgegate 2.0: Israeli tech students manipulate traffic patterns

April 21 2014

43 Father of photographer critically wounded at West Bank protest: ‘This is life under occupation’

18 ‘NYT’ photo feature on women in Gaza ignores Israel and Palestine

116 John Judis’s Truman book is a landmark in anti-Zionism

12 UN peace envoy denied entry to Church of the Holy Sepulchre by Israeli police

16 Max Blumenthal’s guilt by association – with Jewish ethics