A la Wheaties: You and Your Hubby on the Front of the Cereal Boxes at Your Wedding

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ERICA: I just got back from the New York Magazine Wedding Show at the Altman Building, and aside from the four Godiva wedding favor samples I devoured, and some beautiful thank you notes I got from a cool new stationery shop, those were the 46 most agonizing minutes I’ve spent in recent memory.

Here’s an example of the problem with these shows: You’re forced to pretend that you’re interested in photographer A because you happen to be standing in front of A’s table and looking him right smack in the eyes. But really, you’re way more interested in photographers B, L, K and J who are nowhere to be found at this particular bridal event. See, no matter how big the event is, you’re never going to have as many choices as you do on the internet. These shows are like teensy weensy microcosms of the bridal world at large, and I’m a Target sorta girl, so I like lots of choices.

The night was not a total wash, however, as I discovered a strange but fabulous new company called Cereality. You can create custom cereal mixes for your wedding with pictures of you and your hubby on the box a la Wheaties. You have to admit, it doesn’t get better than that.

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