Wedding of Tastemaker, Erica Goldstein, to Appear in Inside Weddings Magazine

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ERICA: My PR Firm just called to tell me that Inside Weddings magazine would like to feature our wedding in one of their upcoming issues. They are big fans of Paper Bride and liked the whole bridal entrepreneur angle for me.

I’m torn between jumping for joy and vomiting.

I called Aunt Kim to tell her and she yelled, freaked out, and then accidentally hung up on me. By the time she called back she had already told 11 other people in the Jensens supermarket checkout line that the wedding she was hosting for her niece was going to be featured in In Style magazine.

Aunt Kim: We’re going to be in In Style!!!!
Me: NOT In Style, I-N-S-I-D-E Weddings.
Aunt Kim: That’s what I said, In Style.
Me: I know you said In Style, but I SAID INSIDE.
Aunt Kim: Inside the magazine?
(insert sigh with an eye roll)
Me: yes…inside the magazine.

She likely went home and had her lawn re-sodded in preparation for In Style.

Now I must add multi-page magazine feature to my list of “reasons why I need to get my ass to the gym pronto.”

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