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June 30 2006

1 Reviewing Larry Summers’s Performance

8 Why I Hate Soccer

6 More on Racism and Soccer

1 AEI Lands Leading Critic of Radical Islam

June 29 2006

6 Siegman on What Hamas Wants

1 Can a Human Being Pull for Germany in the World Cup? Sure.

0 Golf and the Secret of Life

1 Tom DeLay Dismisses Valerie Plame Case on ‘Hardball’

June 28 2006

11 Bobby Ray Inman on Israel’s Security as the Motivator for Iraq War

9 Why Should I Bring Up a Writer’s Jewishness?

June 27 2006

1 Racism in Soccer on ESPN

13 My Night With 3 Half-Jewish Writers, and One 3/4, at Makor

0 Score One for Operation Iraqi Freedom

0 The Times Lichtblau Is Impressive on TV

0 The Goal Shortage in the World Cup, or What Soccer Can Learn From Basketball

June 26 2006

0 Once Again the Referees Ruin a Soccer Game

8 Walt and Mearsheimer Get Past the Antisemitic Charge

1 Notes From Slate’s 10th Anniversary Party

0 Should Journalists Face the Music?

0 How Being Wrong About Iraq Became a Resume-Builder

June 25 2006

0 A Prayer to the Soccer Gods (Or At Least the NYT Sports Desk)

0 My First Marital Fight Over the World Cup

1 The New York Times Agrees: American Soccer Is Too Suburban

4 The Israel Lobby and Joe Lieberman

0 How to Fix the Problems With Soccer

June 24 2006

7 My Jewish Problem, Cte’d: The Exclusivity Issue

0 Daring on the Pitch: Picking the World Cup Semi-Finals

1 Black Athletes and American Soccer

0 Ghana: There Is Joy in Mudville

June 23 2006

3 John & Steve (Mearsheimer & Walt): Let the Good Times Roll!

1 The Times’ Grieving Cornerman on Muslim Issues

1 International Idealism in the Times Biz Section

0 I Went to a Party Last Night and Heard the Words “Loathe” and “Jackass”

0 The Usefulness of India in a Terrifying World

June 22 2006

1 Henry Kissinger on the Problem With U.S. Soccer

5 Dreaming of Legitimacy: The Israeli Flag Demonstration at the World Cup

50 Free Speech and Non-Profit Theater: The Rachel Corrie Announcement

1 More of My Rationalizations for Ghana, During the Game

0 101 Rationalizations for Pulling for Ghana

June 21 2006

3 If Syria Is So Evil, Why Do Americans Enjoy It There?

5 Condoleezza Rice’s Blind Ambition

4 “Frontline” Ignores Its Own Reporting To Paint Cheney as Crazy Ahab

June 20 2006

2 How George Bush Can Save His “Legacy” by Cashiering Cheney

6 I Apologize for Sloppy Statements About Jews

0 Fears Grow Over Peak Oil

1 Sufferings of the Neocons

0 Colin Montgomerie’s Bad Karma

June 19 2006

1 More on Arab Politics and Soccer

0 Someone Else Dumped Their SUV in a Public Park

4 A Thrilling and Upsetting Play: “Ariel Sharon Stands at the Temple Mount and Dreams of Theodor Herzl”

2 The Great Henry Siegman in the LA Times

June 18 2006

1 In Bush’s Democratic Iraq, an Antisemitic Fatwa Against Soccer

0 Somebody Left Their SUV In a Public Park

0 The Real Iraq

June 16 2006

13 My Jewish Problem, Cte’d: David Brooks Uses Code Words for the Elephant in the Room

0 Eric Erickson Show in Hudson

1 The New Navy Secretary: An Internationalist With Heart

0 101 Reasons to Pull Against the U.S. in the World Cup, Cte’d

0 The Forward Turns a Modish Phrase

0 Patting Myself on the Back, and Others, Too

June 15 2006

0 Ecuador, the Adidas Ad, and Internationalism

0 The Boy From Hope Is No Dope

0 Noms-de-Spam, Continued

10 Stephen Walt on the Lobby, and Occupation

1 The Mayor on Mearsheimer

June 14 2006

0 Germany vs. Poland: What’s a Schmendrick to Do?

50 Authors of Israel Lobby Paper Get Warm Reception at Military College

0 World Cup Brings Paradigm Shift for Arab Nation

0 How to Watch the World Cup and Hold Your Job, Cte’d

0 The Military Has Broader Band Width Than the MSM, Cte’d

11 At U.S. Naval War College, Scholar Likens Iraq to Plague

1 Why Can’t Coalition Soldiers Watch the World Cup in Iraq?

1 Yellow Card to Vecsey for Grammar Foul in Gelsenkirchen

June 12 2006

5 101 Reasons to Pull Against U.S.A. in the World Cup

4 Anderson Cooper Poor-Mouths Yoko

0 New Orleans Dog Underscores a Fresh Injustice

0 The Fresh-Legs Theory of Soccer Scoring

June 11 2006

0 How to Watch Soccer and Hold Your Job, Cte’d

0 How to Watch Soccer. I.e., When Do They Score?

June 10 2006

0 World Cup Ads, and Trinidad and Tobago’s Draw With Sweden

2 A Human Rights Group Sues a Right Wing Thinktanker

0 My Definiton of Soccer

0 Hirshey Blogging on the World Cup

0 Singling Out Bonds on Drugs

June 9 2006

0 Chris Matthews Remints a Good Cliche

1 Angleworms in a Bottle, an anti-New York Story

0 Ads of the World Cup

2 A Simple Test of the Times’ Courage

0 Arthur Sulzberger Jr.’s Controversial Commencement Speech

1 Great Journalism in The Jewish Week

0 Not About Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi

June 8 2006

0 More and Better on Zarqawi from CNN

1 Dexter Filkins on Dwindling Iraq Reporting Cadre

0 Limits of the al-Zarqawi Killing

0 Mike Berg Flubs the Mike Dukakis Moment

8 The Great Henry Siegman on Israel

1 Some Reflections on Finally Killing Our Genocidal Nemesis

0 Fukuyama on Zarqawi

0 The Humberto Long Award for Noms-de-Spam, Cte’d

June 7 2006

4 The Iraq Orphanage Story–Does NBC Have a Moral Obligation to Help These Girls?

0 Kimberly Dozier and Bob Woodruff

1 Trita Parsi: Rising Anti-Neocon Star

0 The Israel Lobby, C’ted

2 Enter Walter Davis, of Media With Conscience

0 A Turkey’s Grief

June 6 2006

6 Correction, and an Apology to My Straight Readers

2 The Humberto Long Award for Best Spam Byline

1 The Times Demonstrates that the World Is Going to Hell in a Handbasket

0 More on the Sopranos

0 Angleworms in a Bottle: The New York Story

1 My Little Brother Disagrees With Me About the Sopranos

June 5 2006

8 On Being a Bad Jew

14 The Sopranos: Christmas in June, and Other Delusions

June 4 2006

1 I’m Glad I Never Bought a Herman Miller Chair

3 Andover Commencement, Moral Melodrama

June 3 2006

0 How to Get Out of Iraq

5 Not Talking About Mearsheimer & Walt

2 Podhoretz Says It Wasn’t a Threat

June 2 2006

50 John Podhoretz Issues a Threat to Me

0 A Dog Would Just as Well Not Pose With a Snake, Even a Dead One

0 The U.N.’s War Dividend

0 Why Iraq Isn’t Vietnam

0 A Foolish Consistency on NBC

June 1 2006

0 Neocon Gotterdamerung?

21 The “American Street” and Antisemitism

0 Memo to Future Sec’y Paulson: Warm Up the White House

3 The Best and the Brightest: (Former Clintonite) Kenneth Pollack

0 I Think I Saw Jimmy Hoffa Outside Brooks Brothers