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July 18 2006

0 Lamont Supports Israel’s Actions

12 My Jewish Orientalist Streak

6 Neocon-a-ding-dong

1 Cutting Off Hizbullah From Syria

July 17 2006

6 Imperialist Fashion: The Necktie

9 Did the First President Bush Lose His Job to the Israel Lobby?

July 16 2006

7 Praise The Washington Post. It Lifts Up Walt/Mearsheimer (Then Tries to Bash Them)

July 15 2006

0 Another Painting by Eric Erickson

7 Israel Needs Defensible Borders–And Where Do They Stop?

July 14 2006

10 Looking for a Ray of Hope Re Syria

1 Fresh Break in ‘Jack the Ripper’ Case

3 Rep. Anthony Weiner Needs to Renew His Subscription to the New York Review of Books

July 13 2006

4 Zidane’s American Achievement

July 12 2006

34 The New Republic Conflates American and Israeli Interests

1 Juilliard Chairman’s Newspaper Calls for Invading Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia

0 Why Critics of the Israel Lobby Continue to be Politically Homeless

4 The Secrets of Warren Buffett’s Psyche

July 11 2006

0 Egad Was I Off

4 What Materazzi Said to Zidane: Newspapers All Over the World Weigh In

1 Chris Matthews Covers Dem. Jane Harman’s Rear End on Iraq

0 NBC’s George Lewis Demonstrates Courage and Honesty

July 10 2006

2 Let Me Be Your Soccer Disinformation Station: What Materazzi Said to Zidane!

50 The ONLY Question: What Did Materazzi Say to Zidane?

3 Katharine Weber On Literary/Religious Identity (and Muriel Spark)

8 Why Critics of the Israel Lobby Are Politically Homeless

July 9 2006

0 NYC to Soccer Fans: Drop Dead (Pulls Plug on Little Italy Jumbotron)

July 8 2006

12 NYT’s David Brooks Accuses Kos of Being “Vicious” but Refuses to Say Why

July 7 2006

0 A Wall Street Journal Reporter Exposes Conditions in Baghdad (Again)

0 Honey You Wrecked the Dog

0 Laurel Snyder Responds. I Was Inaccurate, and Mean-Spirited. (Oy)

4 The Lamont-Lieberman Debate: Lieberman Wins the Battle and Loses the War

1 More on Catholics and Jews in Politics

July 6 2006

5 How the Internet Is Replacing the Book

0 An Inconvenient Non-Truth at the State Department

4 Is Targeted Assassination the American Way? Cte’d

10 Catholic Politicians’ Confessions: Something Else Dershowitz Is Wrong About

0 The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer on the Military’s Antiwar Role

July 5 2006

28 Dershowitz Contradicts Himself on the Power of the Israel Lobby

July 4 2006

2 World Cup Vaticinations

2 Taking Communion in Tonga

0 In Mexico, Suarez Smiles Suddenly

July 3 2006

2 The New Anti-War Movement: The Military

3 What Were They Smoking? Paul Wolfowitz on Liberating Iraq

July 2 2006

2 Why July 4 Is Problematic

0 Gloom on 46th St.: Exit Brazil!

3 The June 9 Gaza Beach Explosion: Charge and Countercharge

July 1 2006

6 Are Targeted Assassinations the American Way?

July 28 2006

21 I’m Heading to Israel and Palestine

11 Who Does the Israel Lobby Represent?

5 A Denunciation of the Muslim World, Apparently on al-Jazeera

July 27 2006

9 NBC’s Richard Engel Continues to Distinguish Himself

3 Times Poll Shows Isolationism, and Wariness of Israel

July 26 2006

0 Sagacious Lieberman Cites Rabbi Hillel

2 Iraq and Lebanon: Israel Imitates Us

0 Be Like Van Gogh: Eat Strawberries in the Spring

July 25 2006

5 Tom Hayden on the Israel Lobby’s “Certification” Process

15 Kevin Drum on the Taboo for Liberals Speaking Up on Israel

July 24 2006

4 NYT’s Bob Herbert Runs for the Moral Daylight

0 K. Weber Is Moved to Tears As She Reads From Her Novel In the Heat

July 22 2006

13 Daniel Pipes Raises the Issue of Dual Loyalty

0 Marty Peretz Was Right

0 Career-Limiting Moves: The Honest Usher

1 Yale Prof Knocks Lieberman for “Lost Ideals”

July 19 2006

16 Memo to Nadler: This Is No “Existential” War for Israel

3 Where Is the Jewish Money in Democratic Politics?

1 Brzezinski Likens Hamas to Likud

July 18 2006

2 Collective Punishment in the Old Testament

0 A Yankee-Hater Reflects on the Sweep of the White Sox