Israel in the News (by Implication)

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1. Iraqis’ protests over the 12-foot separation wall in Baghdad–that it will promote sectarian divisions and make normal life impossible–cause the American government to abandon the wall, which it had lately begun, to stop suicide bombers.

(And the 30-foot separation wall built by Israel on Arab lands in the West Bank, which has made normal life impossible in the name of security against suicide bombers, stands despite international protest.)

2. On MSNBC, Chris Matthews confronts Gov. Bill Richardson over Richardson’s endorsement of gun rights, saying his stance is pure politics. "You and Hillary know you’re finished" if you take on gun-owners in midwestern states. "Isn’t that the reason [for your stand]?"

(Would you please talk about the Israel lobby as openly?)

3. Tucker Carlson, a tireless advocate for gun ownership, admits on air that he is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

(Will Zionist journalists please be candid about their personal feelings about Israel?)

4. Boris Yeltsin is mourned around the world as a democratic hero. His brutal Chechnya invasion that killed 10s of thousands of people is a footnote.

(Syria is isolated to this day; and one reason always given is the brutal suppression, 25 years ago, of Muslim fundamentalists in Hama, by a former president of the country.)

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