In Jersey, Governor and ‘Sopranos’ Are In Recovery

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I’ve been moved by Jon Corzine’s ordeal, it’s about hubris and defeat and a new life, with a script seemingly provided to the governor by the recovery movement. Inote that Corzine’s girlfriend is a psychotherapist.

The Corzine story echoes that other narrative that New Jersey has given the nation: "The Sopranos," and Tony Soprano’s spiritual progress last year after he almost died from a gunshot wound. This year’s "Sopranos" is widely seen as a disappointment. Too many new storylines (now Tony’s got a gambling problem?). But the show’s relentless concern is recovery-movement themes: Can you break the cycle of addiction and reinvent yourself? Will Anthony recapitulate his father’s life of crime? Will Tony figure out who he is in therapy and escape the bloody finale? (No, say I) Will Christopher, having fallen off the wagon, go into a murderous tailspin? Will Carmella change her life and escape the Mafia or become the new boss? (my prediction)

The "Sopranos" audience was whetted by blood in the first few seasons, so it’s angry that the dramas have lately been resolved with epiphanies not gunfights. They will get their wish before long, I’m sure, but in the meantime the producers and actors, all of whom have surely done time in recovery/therapy, are as caught up in rehabilitation dramas as their governor.

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