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December 31 2007

4 When Is a Hiker a Gunman? When Is a Gunman a Terrorist?

39 ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ Cites Power of Israel Lobby. Who Gave Them Permission?

December 30 2007

39 Ruth Wisse and Joe Lieberman, Liberals.

19 Fresh From Torching Iraq, Bill Kristol Eyes Europe

December 28 2007

31 AJC’s Survey About Jewish Consciousness Is Backward

17 Is Bhutto Assassination a Wake-Up Call for Left?

December 27 2007

41 I’m Dreaming of a Jewish Christmas

8 Making Settlements Newsworthy: Pressure Mounts on Sarandon

December 26 2007

22 Anti-WASP, Anti-Jew. Assimilationist.

7 Sarandon on the Defensive Over Bejeweling Settlement Sponsor’s Gala

7 Commentary Says Being ‘Jewish’ Means Thrilling to Religious Colonialism

2 Another Establishment Figure Misrepresents Walt and Mearsheimer’s Findings

2 Seamus Heaney on Ethnic Identity and the Refusal to be Healed

December 24 2007

18 Meritocratic Jewish Dems Echo Rockefeller Republicans of 70s

December 21 2007

9 Who Will Be the Shakespeare of the Internet?

14 ‘Blowback’ and Non-Blowback

36 The ‘Weimarization’ of America

3 Is PB&J Better on Toast or on Untoasted Bread?

December 19 2007

20 ‘No End In Sight’ Director Continues to Rationalize Iraq Invasion

December 18 2007

51 Kevin MacDonald and the Politics of WASP Resentment

December 17 2007

50 How Anti-Iraq-War Jews Licensed Neoconservatism

5 In Media Reports, Christians Are Quizzed About Their Beliefs. Why Not Jews?

5 The Times’ Unbalanced Coverage of Israeli/Palestinian Hostility

December 16 2007

3 2 Comments on ’60′

18 A Gentile Joins the Board of a Leading Jewish Organization

1 Bill Clinton’s Environmental Misdemeanor

28 Journalists Must Make Israel’s Continuing ‘Settlements’ an Issue Now

December 15 2007

9 Young American Jews to Get $1000 to be ‘Emissaries of the Jewish State’

December 14 2007

43 Oy–My People Are Too Rich!

December 13 2007

2 A Historical Apology for Steroid-Shooting Ball Players

15 Obama’s Green. Hillary Has No Inner Life. Ergo: Edwards.

31 Jewish Chauvinism in Feith’s, and Friedman’s, Back Pages

December 12 2007

51 Maureen Dowd Tees Up the Modern ‘Jewish Question’

17 Keohane of Princeton on Walt and Mearsheimer

December 11 2007

33 Why Don’t Journalists Call the ‘Settlements’ What They Are? (Colonies)

14 ‘The Dog’s Name Is Adolf’

2 Princeton Offers Immunity to Neocons for Iraq Disaster

December 10 2007

29 Half of Europeans Believe Jews Have Dual Loyalty

7 My Wife Mixes Up the Holidays

10 Dershowitz Shops at West Bank Settler’s N.Y. Store

December 8 2007

50 Israeli Dep’y Defense Minister to American Jews: Help U.S. Make Peace Now or We Face 100-Years War

December 7 2007

19 Why Won’t the Washington Post Explore ‘Obdurate Narrowmindedness’ of Pro-Israel Religious Politics?

3 Celebrate Hanukah by Denouncing Israeli Land Grab