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February 29 2008

50 Russert, Obama and Hillary All Flub the Israel Question

February 27 2008

34 The Most Important Obama Question (What Does His Movement Want?)

February 26 2008

50 Obama Reminds Jews of a Time When Israel Was Wrong

16 McCain Gains Sanctificaton for Jews Fleeing Obama

8 Reagan Revolution, Meet Obama Revolution

13 Chelsea Clinton’s Lack of Accomplishment (and Mom’s Lack of Success) Signals the End of the Elite That Gave Us Iraq

February 25 2008

23 ‘Nothing Has Changed.’ A Dialogue With Saif Ammous Over the ‘Peace Process’

15 Hot-Damn! Obama’s Secretly a Leftist

8 Jews Are Richer, Older and Better Educated Than Other Americans

8 How Matt Drudge Runs the Political Conversation ‘Tween Hillary and Obama

17 Is the Peace Process a Delusion?

15 Cokie Roberts Smears Nader on Public Radio

12 The Internationalist Academy Awards

February 24 2008

9 In ’85 Michelle Obama Assailed Assimilation, Saying It Kept Her ‘on the Periphery of Society’

28 When Invoking the American Interest, Better Not Spell ‘Harbors’ ‘Harbours’

4 In Philadelphia, the Crisis of the Jewish Soul

15 (At Last!) Hillary’s People Make Obama’s Israel Policy the Issue

February 23 2008

50 Finkelstein, a Victim of the Israel Lobby, Denies That It Has Power

February 22 2008

50 Yes, There Is a Guerrilla War Against Zionism in the U.S. What Should Jewish Institutions Do?

1 Further Evidence that the Natives Are Getting Restless Over U.S. Israel Policy

10 Brilliant Obama Will Get Us Past the Affirmative Action Era

28 Berman, Congressional Foreign Affairs Boss, Cites Israel as a Prime Motivator in His Politics, Then Calls Israel Lobby a ‘Total Canard’

18 Hillary’s Costly Braintrust, the New Jewish Establishment

February 21 2008

0 Lindsay Lohan Defines Privacy

11 The Only Two Questions Now in The Hillary Story

February 20 2008

50 When We Talk About an ‘American’ Interest That Distances Us From Israel, Are We Channeling Lindbergh and Coughlin? (No, We’re Looking Forward)

9 I’m on the Left and I Approved Hillary’s Message

24 Israeli Newspaper Prints Racist Obama Cartoon

3 Let My People Go (It Took Two Months to Get 7 Tons of Relief Supplies to Gaza)

17 Again: The Natives Are Gettin Restless Over U.S. Policy Towards Israel

5 Like Michelle O., I’m Proud to be a Jew for Once (Nakba Awareness Rises in Israel)

10 A Desperate Hillary Should Call Obama on His Tilt Toward Evenhandedness Re Israel/Palestine

February 18 2008

6 I Wonder If My Girlfriend’s Father Ruined Journalism for Me 30 Years Ago

14 When U.S. Raises Its Voice, Israel Slows ‘Settlements’

30 Two Israeli Jews Speak of Palestinian Violence

February 17 2008

20 ‘Times’ Suggests that Natives Are Getting Restless Over U.S.’s Israel Policy

8 A Word About My Screwed-Up Policy Re Comments

48 Do Jews Dominate in American Media? And So What If We Do?

9 When Will ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ Become the Issue?

February 16 2008

24 Israeli Scholar Says Jews Are Locked In Ancient Past and Future, Blind to Horrific Present

5 UN Official Says Time for Two-State Solution Has Passed

February 15 2008

37 Greenwich Library Say Fie Unto Israel Lobby After All (Boy Am I Out of It)

23 I’m on Alan Dershowitz’s Side, for Once, re Plagiarism

9 Has Obama Trapped the Israel Lobby? A Theory…

4 …Why I’m More Cynical About Obama

5 Boycott of Settlement-Sponsor Leviev Is Getting Under His Thick Skin

5 Jews for Ron Paul

9 Obama Invokes Freedom Riders. Let Them Liberate Greenwich, CT, Library

February 14 2008

46 At D.C. Event, Obama Groundswell Includes Post-Zionist Jews

3 Israel Lobby Faces Greatest Threat–From China

9 With HRC’s Tailspin, Is the Meritocracy Dying Before Our Eyes?

February 13 2008

31 ‘Deep Down Obama Gets It’–Says Woman Who Elicited Candidate’s Statement that ‘Palestinians Suffer the Most’

30 Obama’s ‘We Need to End the War Mindset’ Means a Robust Debate of the Israel Relationship Will Happen At Last

February 12 2008

24 In Jerusalem, American Jewish Leader Frets Over Obama, ‘Change’ Agenda, Ron Paul, and Walt & Mearsheimer

4 Photo Exhibit of Occupation Travels From Penn to Harvard

15 Peretz Says NIE Shocker Re Iran Was Enabled by… Walt & Mearsheimer

5 Jewish Administrator at Penn Tours Hebron, Now Hosts ‘Breaking the Silence’

February 11 2008

19 Why the Israel Lobby Is Best Likened to Ibsen’s ‘An Enemy of the People’

3 ‘Times’ Says Israel ‘Subjugates’ Palestinians. Any Other State Would Be Sanctioned

8 AP Uses the Word ‘Expelled.’ Nakba Awareness Inches Forward

9 Honor Tom Lantos. Recognize the Armenian Genocide

6 If Hillary’s Campaign Ends, How Long Before She Sticks a Fork in the Marriage?

February 8 2008

34 Ohio Jews Fail to Understand We Are Principals in American Society

February 7 2008

12 ‘Conservative’ Is Becoming the ‘C-Word’

14 Once Again, Freedom’s Watch’s Israel Agenda Is Ignored by the MSM

28 Hadar to Pape to Paul: Best Double-Play Combination in Foreign Policy

4 Heilbrunn Retreats From the Ideas in His Book

14 Holocaust Memorial: $46 Million. Kennedy Center: $33 Million

1 Huckabee and Obama Out-Holocaust One Another

0 Defenders of Israel Storm Playboy Mansion. Well, Sort of

February 6 2008

17 Israel Acts Against Soldiers Who Humiliated Palestinian Shepherds

8 Do Obama’s Jewish Numbers Demonstrate the Warming Trend Outside the NY/NJ Establishment?

8 Pressure Campaign on Wash. Post for Daring to Humanize Palestinians Is Itself Newsworthy

17 Toronto Jews Challenge Jewish Identity Based on ‘Indoctrination in Ethnic Nationalism’

February 5 2008

22 Now I’ve Fallen in Love With Obama I Can’t Wait to Fall Out of Love

6 In ’57, Presidential-Hopeful LBJ Cultivated the Israel Lobby

February 3 2008

26 Super Bowl Repeats Lesson of Baseball Playoffs–Jews Are Principals in U.S. Society

19 In ’69, Nixon Tried to Strangle Israel Lobby in Its Crib

3 ‘There Will Be Blood’ Murders the Spirit. ‘Into the Wild’ Exalts It

6 Further Evidence that Israel’s ‘Strategic Relief’ Fueled Iraq War Planning

4 Obama’s ‘Yes We Can’ Video as Forever Cultural Landmark

February 2 2008

12 Obama Depends on the Old Jews, and the Old Jews ‘Just Don’t Get It’

9 Does Rob Malley Work for Obama Or Not? (Sure Hope So. Turns Out, Not)

14 ‘Washington Post’ Diplomatic Correspondent Says Iraq War Was to ‘Help Israel’

7 An Israeli Reporter Prods Condoleezza Rice to Do Something About Illegal Settlements

13 YIVO Betrays Its Purpose, and Denies History of Israel Lobby

13 Former ’60 Minutes’ Producer Says Show Could Get No Congressman to Speak on the Record About AIPAC

February 1 2008

33 ‘At Most Big Papers, the Israel Issue Is the Most Controversial Subject’–But Nowhere in the Presidential Debates

17 Neocon Thinktank, and Bill Kristol, Share Close Connection to Settlements in Occupied Territories

4 Hillary Tries to Overcome Her Arrogant Image by Saying ‘Privileged’