…And Obama’s Like Reagan, Not Stevenson

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On that note, I’d point out that Ronald Reagan ran to the right of President Gerald Ford for the Republican nomination in 1976; and we in the mainstream all called Reagan an extremist. Reagan lost and we said, Good riddance.  Then four years later it was morning in America. Reagan was the greatest American leader of my lifetime, not that I ever agreed with him. But he had real ideas and he got big majorities to sign up for them.

If Obama loses this year, he isn’t going away. Obama is so smart that some compare him to that other Illinois politicians, Adlai Stevenson, who my parents adored because he was an intellectual, and who lost twice to Eisenhower in the ’50s. But Obama’s political gifts are greater. He’s like Reagan, not Stevenson, and like Reagan he’s leading a movement, whose core this time is progressive worldly leftwingers, mixed up with liberals, conservatives, the whole duststream of Obama’s comet. We’re not going away.

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  1. Richard Witty
    March 23, 2008, 2:08 pm

    Obama's not like Reagan. Obama's like Obama. If anything his politics are analagous to John Kennedy, who also was compared to Stevenson, but with oratory.

    (Obama is running far to the left of Kennedy's candidacy. That isn't saying much, as Kennedy as Congressman and Senator was very staunchly a cold war activist, untested though, similar to Obama. Anybody remember the Cuban missile crisis, in which Kruschev sought to test out Kennedy's resolve after the embarrassment of the Bay of Pigs? It would happen again with Obama likely.)

  2. the Sword of Gideon
    March 23, 2008, 6:00 pm

    Personally I think that the 1948 Henry Wallace comparison is the way to go here.

  3. Montag
    March 23, 2008, 10:54 pm

    Reagan's "Morning In America" commercial was released in his 1984 re-election campaign, not 1980. The beginning phrase, "It's morning again in America," was meant to indicate that Reagan had already turned back the night in his first term and his second term would be glorious.

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