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My response to the pictures of Ashley Alexandra Dupre is the same as most other guys I know: beautiful chick, amazing rack. I’d apologize for my crudeness but everyone is saying, or pretending to say, "What was he thinking?" I know what he was thinking; I get it. And all the patronizing talk about men’s stupidity bothers me. God made me this way. Any smart wife knows there’s an upside.

My more cerebral response to Dupre is that she is the hetaera. That was the class of young women who served in Greek times as high-priced prostitutes. Courtesans, the demimonde, Webster’s offers those as terms from other ages. I don’t think that’s a bad idea. Again, this stuff should have a place in society. Not an honored place; yes, maybe a place of shame. But not an illegal place either. Leave Spitzer alone, you stinking hypocrites and wankers.

The word everyone is using for Spitzer is disgrace. True, he’s disgraced. Again I urge people to read Disgrace by Coetzee, his masterpiece about disgrace and redemption and moral valences. It begins with one of the frankest and most important descriptions of prostitution you will find in literature, about the arrangement that Coetzee’s narrator found for himself, that seemed to work for a while.

Speaking of Greeks, I believe Aristotle said that when he was 50 he got  over "the devil of my youth." Yes a devil. But I imagine he could go to the hetaera, without fear of prosecution.

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