Charles Keating Responds to Clara

Charles Keating had this response to Clara's long comment re lobby,
Finkelstein and censorship in the thread below, on "Spitzer's

I agree with Clara. Please don't respond to her by attacking her
because of her "reperations" typo. Digest what she says. Consider also
Fallon's resignation. Also, returning directly to Phil's article
Spitzer, he was a light to the world attacking the big Wall Street
scams, courageous, ethical. His success went to his head, hurt his
family. He will/is paying the price--his family is of course
Hopefully, he will look at his arrogance. We will see what he does
with it. Kristen might even become a real (young and abused) human
being in his mind.

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  1. Lola says:

    Why is it that those who are the loudest opponents of some sort of vice are themselves psychologically engaged with such vice on one level or another.

  2. Charles Keating says:

    Correction: the typo wasn't "reparations," it was a confusion of reprehensible with apprehended. That's just plain ignorance, so I take it back. She deserves to be mocked.

  3. Charles Keating says:

    I did NOT write the above post. It's the same lame guy playing his game with my name.