Misrepresenting Charles Keating

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A comment yesterday said I'm wrong about where Spitzer grew up. 

"Spitzer grew up in the Bronx, a-----e. Where did you "gather"
that he grew up on Park Avenue? You're even less successful as a journalist
than you are as a husband/lover, so perhaps you should gather
a little more carefully."

Sounds like I'm wrong. But I deleted the post because it is signed
Charles Keating and Charles didn't write it. I believe
n censoring misrepresentation

"I've been posting on your blog for many months now. I always
address the issues raised by you and/or related
issues raised by fellow posters. I never toss out
vulgar or indeed any personal insults," Charles writes to me.

Much appreciated. I again apologize to readers that I don't do a
better job of monitoring this stuff. And to the people of Manhattan
for suggesting that they are in any way responsible for Spitzer...
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