Obama and Paterson. Black Men Don’t Look Alike

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A black president and a black governor of New York, or so I hope.

I watched Governor-in-Waiting David Paterson’s press conference yesterday with interest. He’s an appealing guy. He has a very soft and warm manner, he doesn’t speak very well, he makes a lot of humble jokes. Obviously a skillful politician. But his verbal manner is somewhat stilted.

He couldn’t be more different from Obama, who comes off as brilliant, cold, arrogant, and is just a breathtaking speaker.

This is one of the beautiful things to me about this historic year for the American Left. We are able to demonstrate to the American people, or the American people are demonstrating for humanity, that you can’t stereotype black people. Or as an old friend once shouted at me, when I was saying something about women, "You are failing to differentiate the other!" We’re differentiating now alright.

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