Paranoid Style in Jewish Politics: ‘Commentary’ Offers WORLD TERRORISM WALL MAP to New Subscribers

Though I dread what John Podhoretz might do to the editorial values, I just sent $79 to Commentary Magazine for a two-year renewal of my subscription. Now I’ve learned that new subscribers to Commentary are getting a free WORLD TERRORISM WALL MAP, 39" by 26", full-color, suitable for framing. Doesn’t seem fair to loyal readers like me, does it?

(And you wonder why neoconservatism is losing traction. Would you have decorated your dorm room with the politics of fear?)

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  1. MM says:

    Blah, a terror poster? Maybe I MIGHT have subscribed if the gift were something cool, like a Women of the IDF calendar…

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    When terror and all else fails, we can always sell zionism with Israeli T&A! Hell yeah!

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  2. I hope the terrorism map has Israel at its center. If Israel Knew about 9/11 In Advance and Did Not Tell Us…Should We All Still Love Israel?
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  3. you are supposed to give it to your early-teenage son, for prominent posting on his bedroom wall, along with the IDF babes or whatever.

  4. sword of gideon says:

    Here on planet earth. Has opposed to the denizens that inhabit Phil Weiss's blog. This is what we do. If we view a magazine with horror. If it offends our very being, our soul. If a magazine offends our identity has a Jew by accident of birth who takes the side of our enemies, guesss what. WE DON'T SUBSCRIBE!!

  5. bored of gideon says:

    sog – yes, and I think we would all appreciate it if you would extend this abstentionist policy towards blogs you view with horror, of which this is obviously one. Who on earth do you imagine to be interested in your infantile ramblings?

  6. Jim Haygood says:


    Speaking of maps and terror threats, AP reports today that Hezbollah now has rockets with a range of 185 miles, up from 45 miles before. And it has more of them than it did before the Summer 2006 conflict.

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    This is why I call Israel's Security Wall, obsolete before it's even finished, a Maginot Line: it's utterly useless in stopping rockets. Indeed, by impeding trade and traffic, the Wall is a major incentive for Israel's opponents to ACQUIRE rockets, which are far more versatile and reliable in hitting targets than suicide bombers.

    Sophisticated rockets make Israel indefensible. Only one thing will protect against rockets, and that's a fair arms-length peace agreement negotiated with ALL of Palestine's elected officials; not a crippled Palestinian statelet imposed by Quartet force majeure on a yes-man Fatah puppet regime.

    This is better commentary than you'll ever get in Commentary, and I'm not even charging seventy dollahs for it. On with the show!

  7. MM says:

    Indeed it is, Jim. Say, what's the address of Mondohaygood?

  8. Charles Keating says:

    Yes, but Commentary has a fun piece about W & M's book that is so shoddy and false it operates as a road map to show how weak the Commentary light bulb is.