Spitzer’s Nobility

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I was moved by Spitzer’s resignation speech. It was a beautiful piece of writing. Simple, honest, hurt, and deeply spiritual in his statement that we all fall and his desire for his public redemption through future works. Also I liked "atone for my private failings." And the generous blessing of David Paterson, New York’s first black governor. Made me proud to be a Jew. I took Spitzer’s statement about the importance of service as genuine; and so I look for great things from Spitzer after this great ordeal.

Now a war of words will start over whether Spitzer should be charged with crimes. I’m on his side and again wonder why he was targeted. Note the word private above. I see that commenters and the journalists are talking excitedly about a "shell corporation." I have no idea what a shell corporation is other than it sounds bad. I assume people make shell corporations all the time, not just prostitution rings. Why not investigate all them too.

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