ADL Exhibits Hypocrisy In Singling Out Arabs on Misuse of Holocaust

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The ADL is justy condemning the Arab media for its many "Holocaust" references in describing the Israeli attacks on Gaza. True, and regrettable. The ADL destroys any moral authority it might have, though, when it fails to mention, let alone condemn, Israel’s deputy defense minister for threatening a "holocaust" against Gaza last week.

(When will Americans, of all religions, who are spending zillions to prop up various states in that region, step in to this conversation and insist that such hysterical and murderous statements stop?)

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  1. Joachim Martillo
    March 4, 2008, 2:25 pm

    Detroit-area Imam Mohammad Ali Elahi addressed the Vilnai threat in his Detroit News op-ed column. He also mentioned a similar threat Meir Sheetrit.

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    Imam Elahi is one of a growing number of American Islamic scholars, who are more than willing to engage American Jews in a rational discussion of ME issues.

    For all his effort to understand American Jewish discourse, he was rewarded with an attempt by Debbie Schlussel (a local Detroit-area Charles Jacobs Roz Rothstein imitator) to get him exelled from the USA.

  2. Joachim Martillo
    March 4, 2008, 2:39 pm

    Foxman and the ADL can hardly be accused of rational discussion of any issue.

    Foxman has been in the lead in criticizing the Catholic good Friday prayer.

    I have posted three articles that follow the ongoing discussion.

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  3. Jim Haygood
    March 4, 2008, 2:49 pm

    So dishonest, isn't it — ADL's failure to condemn Vilnai's "bigger Shoah" (spoken in Hebrew) threat against Gaza.

    A constant theme demanded by the US in United Nations resolutions is "balance" between criticism of Israel and the Palestinians, even when Israel is more at fault.

    Foxman has just demonstrated what we all knew — Israeli partisans have no interest in "balance," except when it benefits them. His deliberate distortions reflect a purely expedient, results-oriented sense of values, which can be summarized by the question, "Is it good for the Jews?"

  4. Jim Haygood
    March 4, 2008, 3:40 pm


    It gets even better, regarding Vilnai's "bigger Shoah" remarks.

    A blogger points out that BBC revised its story no less than nine (9) times. In some of the versions, "shoah" was translated into English as "disaster," dropping the "Holocaust" connotation entirely. A link is provided to the original and the nine subsequent revisions of the story.

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    Any journalist knows that the BBC was getting the usual calls about this story, from the usual folks. Wouldn't it be a hoot if the ADL was the lead knuckle- breaker pounding the BBC, even as the ADL omitted any mention of Vilnai's remark in its own condemnation of the villainous Arabs?

    You couldn't make up this sh*t. Really.

  5. liberal white boy
    March 4, 2008, 4:03 pm

    Good old Foghorn Foxman
    The New New Newiest form of anti-Semitism…
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  6. Jim Haygood
    March 5, 2008, 7:12 am


    OMG, the 'Shoah' scuffle gets even wackier! From Justin Raimondo:


    The Lobby's line is that the whole thing is a misunderstanding based on a mistranslation. National Review's Tom Gross espies a radical difference between "a shoah" and "the Shoah." "It is like confusing a 'white house' with 'The White House,'" he writes – and furthermore, this was no innocent mistake. The whole brouhaha, in his considered opinion, is evidence of an anti-Semitic conspiracy by major American news organizations.

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    ANYBODY who goes to the tape of Vilnai's remarks can hear him pronounce that lower-case 's'. :-)

    HOW DARE those dastardly anti-Semites mistranslate it as capital-H Holocaust?

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