The Left Begins to Hate Hillary. McCain Is Snap Material. Enter Bloomberg?

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Last night I had dinner with two lefty friends in the hills and can tell you that the rage toward Hillary as an opportunist who will say anything is now so widely felt throughout the Democratic base that it is sure to play an important factor in a general election were she to get the nomination. Here is a fine post about her and Bill’s claiming credit for wanting to intervene in Rwanda, when there is no evidence to support the claim. And again I’d note my horror when she said in Ohio the other day that she will lower gas prices. A bloody lie.

The Democratic base can splinter. The other day on NPR Andrea Bernstein said that
"everywhere I go," people say, Oh why can’t they be on the ticket
together, Obama and Hillary. This is biased reporting; Obama people do
not feel this way. They don’t love Hillary, they want the Hillary age
over and done with. By and large, they would like to see someone else
on the ticket. Some of them even think she’s a monster. It is Hillary supporters, and Bernstein seems to
hang out with them, having covered Hillary for a while, who want to
capture Obama’s charisma, as VP.

I don’t think that will happen. If Hillary gets the nomination, look for many in the Obama movement to curdle in disgust, or stay home, and for Bloomberg to enter as a third party candidate. How can you feel good about McCain after his meltdown on the airplane over a trivial question? A trivial question, I remind you. McCain is snap material. How will this brittle old man perform  when the big guns are smoking?

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  1. Jim Haygood
    March 10, 2008, 4:39 pm

    Co-opting the opposition is a specialty of the Machiavellian Clintons. Hillary, despite trailing in delegates, asserted that her Ohio victory meant Democrats want her in the presidential slot of a Clinton-Obama ticket.

    Doubtless this would provoke fresh cartoons in Maariv, showing a liveried Obama as Hillary's Steppin-Fetchit doorman on the White House porch. We would need a new Kerner Commission to analyze the resulting riots.

  2. Montag
    March 10, 2008, 4:41 pm

    Well this is the trap that the Democratic Party sets for the Left every time isn't it–like Lucy offering to hold the football for Charlie Brown to kick? The moderates claim that we're equal players but then Hillary seems to say that McCain would be a better choice than Obama! Look what happened when anti-war candidate George McGovern got the Democratic Nomination in 1972–the joke was you were considered to be a member of a splinter party if you were a "Democrat For McGovern."

    As for John McCain, he reminds me of that song, "this tired old man that we elected king."

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