Washington Post Blogger Says Obama ‘Kowtows to Israeli Lobby’

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What hath Walt and Mearsheimer wrought! Today William Arkin, the "Early Warning" blogger for the Washington Post, tries to suss out Obama’s position on missile defense systems and learns that Obama’s only comment relates to Israel: 

A search of Obama’s website
yields nothing under homeland security positions, and only one mention
of missile defenses. Curiously, according to the website, "He has
called for continuing U.S. cooperation with Israel in the development
of missile defense systems."

So here is the real world. The only specific Obama has uttered
relates not to defending America itself but kowtowing to the Israeli
lobby. I guess we can expect McCain to argue that he’ll give even more
money to Israel and build an even bigger defensive shield.

Isn’t kowtow an antisemitic slur?

More about Arkin. Former soldier, author, lecturer. Doesn’t have a lot of hair. Not sure what he means by Israeli lobby. But I love that: "defending America itself." No dual loyalty here. A sign of progress clearly, in a pro-Iraq-war newspaper that printed vicious and sophomoric attacks on Walt and Mearsheimer as "teutonic," i.e. Nazis.

The center cannot hold. The natives are restless with our Israel policy….

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