Washington Post Blogger Says Obama ‘Kowtows to Israeli Lobby’

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What hath Walt and Mearsheimer wrought! Today William Arkin, the "Early Warning" blogger for the Washington Post, tries to suss out Obama’s position on missile defense systems and learns that Obama’s only comment relates to Israel: 

A search of Obama’s website
yields nothing under homeland security positions, and only one mention
of missile defenses. Curiously, according to the website, "He has
called for continuing U.S. cooperation with Israel in the development
of missile defense systems."

So here is the real world. The only specific Obama has uttered
relates not to defending America itself but kowtowing to the Israeli
lobby. I guess we can expect McCain to argue that he’ll give even more
money to Israel and build an even bigger defensive shield.

Isn’t kowtow an antisemitic slur?

More about Arkin. Former soldier, author, lecturer. Doesn’t have a lot of hair. Not sure what he means by Israeli lobby. But I love that: "defending America itself." No dual loyalty here. A sign of progress clearly, in a pro-Iraq-war newspaper that printed vicious and sophomoric attacks on Walt and Mearsheimer as "teutonic," i.e. Nazis.

The center cannot hold. The natives are restless with our Israel policy….

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  1. Ed.
    March 11, 2008, 3:44 pm

    Arkin’s implication on looking out for the “defense” of Israel before the defense of America is right on. The entire Washington Establishment has been Judaized — ie is now more concerned about the “survival” and well being of Israel than of America.

    As far as craven sell-out politicians go, Obama is probably far less compromised in this area than most (and for sure less compromised than Hillary and McCain) if for no other reason than he has been in Washington for a shorter period of time. But that's how Judeofascism operates: it steals your integrity in increments.

  2. Charles Keating
    March 11, 2008, 4:38 pm

    Arrgh. In what may be a related vein, I listened, watched the arch neocon Woolsey a night ago on CSPAN, reviewing America's foreign policy, including Star Wars system, etc. If he's the best & the brightest, we are in big trouble. He lives in a cartoon world. Iran is NAZI Germany on the edge. MAUS is the bible. With gentile friends like this, does Israel need enemies? Some Rhodes scholar, he. Still, compared to Hillary & McCain….gawd, it's depressing…

  3. Jim Haygood
    March 11, 2008, 7:24 pm


    Arkin: "Though Obama has staked out interesting territory regarding nuclear disarmament and actions needed to stem the proliferation of nuclear materials, it's clear that he's thought little about the subject and cannot intellectually connect much of what he intuits about the world to a real national security policy."

    Well, so fricking what? This is a case where the "permanent bureaucracy" provides policy continuity. A green behind the ears president doesn't have to be an expert on missile defense policy on Day One. Plenty of policy wonks in the Defense and State Departments can maintain a consistent baseline until the new president is up to speed.

    Meanwhile, Bush is offering to modernize Poland's military, in return for Poland agreeing to site U.S. missile defense interceptors there. What does any of this have to do with the U.S., other than subsidizing military contractors and trying to create Cold War II in Europe?

    "Report From Iron Mountain" looks ever more prescient. Evidently, the Israeli-Palestianian conflict just isn't large enough to siphon off a sufficient amount of America's "blood and treasure" (as Hillary puts it). So we have to gin up some new wars in Europe, Asia and Africa.

    If Obama could just say "no" to any of that, he would be worth his weight in gold.

  4. The Fanonite
    March 11, 2008, 7:31 pm

    Looking at the comments below Arkin's blog post, I can't help but wonder what planet the commenters are from. They don't think like us earth-dwellers.

  5. Sargent Driver
    March 12, 2008, 11:58 am

    Arkin is a Jew.
    You gonna trust a jew on these matters?

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