What Will Bill’s Role Be in a Hillary Presidency?

It seems like a big part of the Clintons’ sell is, Elect Hillary and you will once again have the great times that Bill gave you in the 90′s. Sort of antifeminist, isn’t it? But it raises some important journalistic questions:

–What does Bill Clinton think his role will be in a Hillary presidency? Be specific. 

–What does Hillary think his role will be?

And will someone ask this before they get their talking points together?

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  1. Richard Witty says:

    Hillary should be disqualified on the basis of a conspiracy to attempt to give Bill an unconstitutional third term.

  2. such&such says:

    One of my best net friends (mind you they can't escape my embrace!)seems to be a strong Hillary supporter.

    Maybe Phil one day asks him, what he things Bill's role will be.

    link to vanityfair.com