3 A.M. Is Also a Metaphor About Marriage

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A lot of people are asking why Eliot Spitzer’s wife Silda Wall stood by him at his two agonized speeches at the end of his governorship. Of course I have no idea why she did it. But I think about something my wife’s godfather once told her: "The person you want to marry is the person you want to be talking to at the kitchen table at 3 in the morning."

These days, of course, 3 a.m. has become a big political metaphor, with
Hillary’s ad saying that Obama isn’t ready for that phone call at 3 in the
morning. I like it more as a marriage metaphor. To me it captures the core of a marriage. What would find you sitting at the kitchen table at 3 a.m.? A spiritual crisis, or a long night… It’s about being soul mates. And no, it’s not about 3 a.m. sex.

You can be sure Eliot Spitzer had some 3 a.m. moments in the last week. Who knows, maybe Silda Wall was there then too.

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