When Obama Calls Livni, Is He Dialing for Jewish Dollars?

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Here’s a news account that Obama called Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni while she was visiting the U.S. to offer his condolences on the latest Israeli victims of terror and make the right noises about a non-nuclear Iran and Israel’s right to defend itself.

I wonder how many other foreign ministers Obama is calling. And no, there is no Israel lobby.

One reason for the call is Pennsylvania. The Philadelphia suburbs are a battleground, and a lot of liberal Jews live there. The older they are the more likely they are to vote for Hillary (my poll).

More intriguing is the money angle. As I say ad nauseum on this blog, the Washington Post reported that half of Democratic giving is from Jews. And these days Democratic giving is way outstripping Republican giving. It’s not even close. Hillary and Obama have raised about $270 million from their contributors, while McCain is at a paltry $53 million.

Makes you wonder: Is Jewish money the biggest game in town? Is Jewish wealth one of the great engines of our economy? So is that why Obama is calling Tzipi Livni? I know, The Times is gonna get right on this…

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