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Adelson Again. The Culture’s Double Standard for Christian and Jewish Right-Wing Moguls

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This Mother Jones piece on the new J Street lobby says that its $1.5 million budget  is up against a Goliath in $100 million Aipac, whose new headquarters in Washington was funded by Sheldon Adelson, according to unnamed "sources."

Adelson again. It is astonishing to me that the Washington Post would profile Adelson and the New York Times could publish a piece on Freedom’s Watch, Adelson’s big political cause in the U.S., and both papers all but ignored his pro-Israel activities. 

Adelson is an important man; and his activities are not being covered outside of Haaretz (which has also chronicled Adelson’s fascinating family: his wife is a Holocaust survivor and (obviously compassionate) therapist, one son died of a drug overdose, his other son is said to be an addict who doesn’t speak to him). When I was a young journalist,  I remember the liberal outrage over Richard Mellon Scaife, the conservative publisher in Western Pennsylvania, who used his money to fund rightwing foundations and initiatives.  Boy did we work against him! And think of the ad nauseum coverage we get about political religious figures like the late Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, who are despised in blue-state America as a result… This is a double standard in the press, and of course it only touches on the most explosive issues in the world: the so-called war on terrorism, which Adelson wishes to sustain and extend unto the blazing horizon. God help us. The journalists won’t.

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