‘All Israel’s Despicable Acts Become Fodder for a Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism World-Wide’

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says Diane Ralph, who has started an organization  called the Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians to take on the lobby in Canada. Ralph reports the same glasnost we are seeing here:

"The floodgates have opened," Ralph says in a telephone interview
from her Ottawa home. "Montreal is meeting, Vancouver is meeting,
Winnipeg is meeting."

Something else: Ralph’s group supports the right of return: "allow any Palestinians who have lost homes in the past 60 years to reclaim them." As Phil Rizzuto used to say about important ideological shifts by the New York Yankees: "Holy cow!"

Of course, a leader of the Canadian lobby dismisses Ralph’s group as a "rump on
the edge of Jewish society." Well that’s better than a pimple on the

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  1. Ed
    April 14, 2008, 1:00 pm

    The opening from the article: 'Diana Ralph grew up in a progressive Jewish family in postwar America. Her father's work as a lawyer at the Nuremberg war crime trials, when she was still an infant, cemented his support for the state of Israel. But when his daughter, as a young woman, questioned Israeli policies after the Six Day War in 1967, she saw a side of her father she hadn't witnessed before. "My dad, who was always very kind, very understanding, said, `If you ever say anything against the state of Israel again, I will disown you,'" Ralph remembers. "Whoa."

    Here we are starting to get to the crux of the diaspora Jewish Zionist problem: duel identity. They are "progressive" liberals who advocate all kinds of “human rights” initiatives for minorities and government-enforced integration schemes in the diaspora; they howl "racism" when someone in America opposes, say, school busing or affirmative action, and "church state violation" when someone puts up a nativity scene in the public square, but when it comes to Israel, they are drooling Jewish nationalists, supremacists, separatists…
    Phil says Jews are an America elite, polls show something like 72% of them are Zionists and the overwhelming majority of that 72% also considers itself liberal. So the vast majority of Jews seem to have two identities and two sets of standards. The conflict between the two is bound to produce considerable anomie, which means a significant portion of the new American elite with significant influence over Washington and American business, media and culture is significantly screwed up. And it's certainly showing in today's America. Now wonder shrinks do so much business in heavily Jewish cities.

  2. Jim Haygood
    April 14, 2008, 1:09 pm


    Glasnost has arrived, but you won't read about it in the MSM. The internet and the foreign press must serve as the "samizdat" for benighted inmates of the USA.

    It's amazing, for example, to compare the full account in Haaretz of Jimmy Carter's remarks while visiting Israel, with the bowlderized AP version for U.S. consumption. Let me single out JUST ONE Carter remark which most Americans will never read:


    Carter said he understood the pressures on the presidential candidates to release statements critical of his meetings with Hamas. "I forgive them all and I understand their motivations," he said.

    link to haaretz.com


    Even here, Carter is speaking in code. But Walt and Mearsheimer have already published the Rosetta Stone for translating it.

    The AP article, of course, does not breathe a word about the astounding implication by a former U.S. president that current presidential candidates are forced by a powerful Lobby to adopt a particular foreign policy stance. It might be newsworthy — but it wouldn't be good for Israel!

    link to news.yahoo.com

  3. LanceThruster
    April 14, 2008, 1:28 pm

    Latest despicable act: Israel snubs Carter and declines security help [ link to news.yahoo.com ]

    "JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel's secret service declined to assist U.S. agents guarding former U.S. President Jimmy Carter during a visit in which Israeli leaders shunned him over his plans to meet Hamas, U.S. sources said on Monday.

    "They're not getting support from local security," one of the sources said, on condition of anonymity.

    An Israeli security source said the Shin Bet security service provided no protection to Carter during his visit to the Jewish state because no request was made.

    Asked about the Israeli account, Carter's delegation, which had previously declined to comment, told Reuters in a statement: "The Carter delegation inquired with both the lead agent of the Secret Service detail (protecting Carter) and the State Department Regional Security Officer and were told unequivocally that an official request for assistance had been made.""


    More lies from our little buddy.

  4. Jim Haygood
    April 14, 2008, 1:37 pm


    Sorry for this OT post, but Haaretz has another article today which leaves me gasping in astonishment. The US is giving away nuclear secrets to Israel:


    Israel and the United States signed an agreement several days ago to step up cooperation in the field of nuclear safety. The new agreement broadens and upgrades previous accords between the two countries in this field, which were signed over the past two decades. It will enable the Israel Atomic Energy Commission to access most of the latest nuclear safety data, procedures and technology available in the U.S.

    The agreement was signed by the director of the Atomic Energy Commission, Dr. Shaul Horev, and the chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Dr. Dale Klein. Horev also met in the U.S. with his American counterpart, Thomas D'Agostino, who is the administrator of the National Nuclear Security Administration.

    Even though the agreement is essentially technical in nature, it has much greater significance, as many countries, including the U.S., are inclined not to cooperate with Israel on any aspects related to the nuclear field, because Israel is not a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). This was done in an effort to breach [Israel's] isolation in this field, but also because of the need for foreign assistance to help ensure safety at the nuclear research compound in Dimona.

    link to haaretz.com


    Un-FRICKIN'-believable, squared, cubed and recubed. While Israel defies NPT safeguards, the US eggs on its illegal, undeclared nuclear weapons program with giveaways of free nuclear technology.

    Have a heaping helping of treason, right in your bovine goyische face!

    Does Congress know about this? Does the US Senate plan to ratify it, or can Dr. Dale Klein of US NuReg simply give away atomic secrets with his own philozionistic impunity? Is Klein a dual citizen?

    Dr. Klein … say hello to your cellmate, Johnny Pollard. Pleased to meetcha …

  5. Todd
    April 14, 2008, 7:51 pm

    If only we could Rosenberg some of these people- after a proper trial, of course!

  6. Charles Keating
    April 14, 2008, 8:48 pm

    Honky is done. The enlightenment is done. Racial tribes rule. White man cannota to hoops; blacks cannot bowl. Kikes rule by money. Das ist alles. Vote for your choice.

  7. Montag
    April 15, 2008, 12:19 am

    Jim Haygood,
    The Dimona facility is an accident waiting to happen. It's something like 40 years old and should be mothballed, yet the Israelis keep operating it. If it pulls a Chernobyl or a Three Mile Island the whole region would be affected and the Arabs would NOT be happy campers about it. So the more help they get with safety the better–not that Israelis care much about safety to begin with.

  8. Glenn Condell
    April 16, 2008, 3:57 am

    'Is Klein a dual citizen?'

    Is Zakheim? Was Zelikow? Chertoff? Are the 5 Fed Reserve governors? I know Feith is.

    Why are so many people with their hands on the nation's most important levers potentially more loyal to another country?

    If they were all Muslims.. well, they couldn't be could they? Imagine if they were Kurds, or Japanese, or Canadian.. nah, not possible. Simply impossible with any other ethnic or religious group. I guess it's that extra IQ.


    I share your disgust. That story reminds me of one Lawrence of Cyberia blogged about the other day; Robert Fisk's discovery of US Marine missiles used by Israel 12 years ago to (among other things) shell ambulances. The story is shocking enough, so you may wish to pass on the video.

    link to lawrenceofcyberia.blogs.com

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