‘All Israel’s Despicable Acts Become Fodder for a Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism World-Wide’

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says Diane Ralph, who has started an organization  called the Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians to take on the lobby in Canada. Ralph reports the same glasnost we are seeing here:

"The floodgates have opened," Ralph says in a telephone interview
from her Ottawa home. "Montreal is meeting, Vancouver is meeting,
Winnipeg is meeting."

Something else: Ralph’s group supports the right of return: "allow any Palestinians who have lost homes in the past 60 years to reclaim them." As Phil Rizzuto used to say about important ideological shifts by the New York Yankees: "Holy cow!"

Of course, a leader of the Canadian lobby dismisses Ralph’s group as a "rump on
the edge of Jewish society." Well that’s better than a pimple on the

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