‘Before I Was a Democrat, I Was a Zionist’–New Chair of Foreign Affairs Committee

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From the Forward profile on Congressman Howard Berman:            

Berman’s Jewish background was central to his
getting involved with foreign policy issues. Indeed, earlier this month
he told the Forward that an interest in the Jewish state was one of the
main reasons he first sought a seat on the committee. “Even before I was a Democrat, I was a Zionist…"

Also this:

[O]n Middle East issues he is perceived by a broad swath of Jewish communal officials to be firmly in the mainstream… Berman said he does not believe that now is an opportune time to
pressure Israel into making concessions toward the Palestinians.

3 questions:

Why is a Zionist the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee? Because of Jewish sociological power in this society, plain and simple; Jews are principals in the Establishment. [Richard Witty has busted me on this point, and he’s right. Seniority got him the job. I should have asked, Why is it that an openly Zionist agenda is not disqualifying for such a position? And the answer is sociological.]

Why is the 2-state solution doomed? Because the Democratic head of the Foreign Affairs committee, who represents the "mainstream" of the Jewish community, is against putting any pressure on Israel

If Obama came out tomorrow and said I’m a black nationalist, would anyone give him the keys to the car? Ask Reverend Wright.

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