Dead Woman Walking

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Hillary’s finished. Later, people will say, This was the week the campaign died. The causes:

–The Bosnia lie seems to be driving her latest falling poll numbers. The Bosnia footage is the kind that will forever feature in retrospectives of campaign-killers, like Dukakis in the tank or Kerry windsurfing. For it highlighted a fundamental weakness, in her case mendacity/bogusness;

–We’re not a classless society. I dont think anyone is looking at the Clintons’ $100 million plus tax returns and saying, So what, they’re just rich. There’s got to be some resentment over how rich they are; and the source of that wealth being the status conferred by public office; and with that a feeling among others of, I think they have too much already;

–Maybe this just bugs me and nobody else, but: I find Chelsea’s refusal to take questions from the press even as she deploys again and again for the campaign in her swank little jackets arrogant. We wouldn’t accept this from any other surrogate. She’s not cute anymore. She’s not a teenager or a kid that needs to be protected, she’s a willing participant in the wars, and she refuses to answer questions. So it speaks to "Different Rules for the Clintons";

–The proposition that her husband accepted $800,000 for supporting the Colombia trade deal and Hillary can vigorously oppose that deal, and this after her NAFTA flipflopping–it just doesn’t track. It’s hard to believe her sincerity here. She says, Well all couples disagree on stuff. But most other couples actually don’t create that kind of cutout for one another, not at $800,000. That’s moral dereliction. So again, the Clintons don’t operate by anyone else’s rules;

–Mark Penn’s support for the Colombia deal while he’s working on her campaign is more moral gerrymandering;

All in all, I sense that people are sick of Hillary. The media especially, yes, but informed voters everywhere; this week she exhausted the funds of sympathy she has been able to draw on earlier in this campaign. There’s something fraudulent about the whole thing, and now people feel it.

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  1. Jim Haygood
    April 10, 2008, 6:19 am

    Like Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe, Hillary Clinton wants to win with less than half the votes. That's extreme. So a radical makeover is required. Surely the science of hair transplantation has progressed to the point that she could sport a little pencil-stripe vertical mustache like Bob's — a discrete mini-mohawk on the upper lip. Mugabe's photo:

    link to

    No more free ride for Barack Obama on his pheromonal invocation of black sexual prowess. The furry little erogenous bud on the philtrum of Hillary's labium superius oris would forever trump that voodoo hoodoo … while spawning endless speculation, reminiscent of her husband's "boxers vs. briefs" kerfuffle, as to whether the downstairs decor matches the upstairs.

    She could even fashion a kaballistic interpretation, from the Talmudic folktale that the philtrum is where an angel touches an unborn child to make it forget the wisdom taught in the womb; thus, Hillary's blessed stigmatum of prenatal cosmic wisdom.

    Cuz lately, every song I hear is about Hillary: "She's a lonely thing, sweeping up the glitter as she pulls the strings" (Jason Isbell, "Razor Town"); "Wide-eyed and wistful, pretty blonde shiksa girl" (adapted from Dave Carter, "Cowboy Singer"); "Ah said, the girl turned ripe and the pickerrrs came today" (Merle Haggard, "The Girl Turned Ripe").

    It don't matter. Hillary Rodham — Bad Sister, Mother Goddam, honey chile — you was born to lose.

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