Don’t Get Down, Obama-ites!

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–Kos says Obama outperformed Hillary in small Pennsylvania towns, improving on his performance in Ohio. These are the "clinging" towns that are supposed to be angry at him;

–The press turns. It’s the nature of the beast. Now all the conventional wisdom is against Obama. We can outlast them.

–We still have numbers. A friend who knows this stuff says: "HRC cannot win unless Obama implodes. There is no way supers are going
to hand this to her unless she has more delegates. And she can’t get more
delegates unless he destructs (with a strong assist from the Clintons). The
pro-Clinton press this week doesn’t change the facts.  If he can
rebound and win IN as well as NC, the race is effectively over.

–We’ve already won. Says my friend, "Whatever happens, Obama’s run has changed the country. We’re a bigger,
better place as a result. I never thought we’d be having this discussion for
another 20 years at least. He’s changed time as well as the times. I too get very emotional (i.e. livid). But if you can take a step back once
in a while and look at what has happened not very long after jim crow, it’s a
pretty marvelous sight to behold." Amen.

–Obama isn’t finished surprising us. I interviewed realist scholar Robert Pape for the American Conservative. Pape has advised Obama. "What I mainly observe is growth… a tremendous capacity for growth. If
you look at how he has responded to salient, high tension moments, it has
brought out not just the best in him but the best from those around him. That
has been a remarkable thing to observe."

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