Hillary Uses the Israel Wedge, and So Will McCain. Can Obama Transcend It?

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The Forward’s analysis of the Pennsylvania results, in which Hillary Clinton captured 62 percent of the Jewish vote, in part by announcing on the morning of the primary that we would "obliterate" Iran if it attacked Israel, is that Israel could be a wedge issue for Jewish voters in this race, and the general. Notwithstanding his efforts to cultivate the Jewish community, Obama is not count-on-able. McCain, Hillary: hawks. So is Obama Ned Lamont all over again? Will Lieberman bring the older Jewish vote to McCain?

And couldn’t all this go by the boards if it’s Obama vs McCain and the simple question is, Do you want the past or the future?

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  1. kei & yuri
    April 29, 2008, 12:49 am

    The Jewish vote is meaningless; if they didn't own so much we would discuss them as often as we discuss Armenians. Who remembers the Armenians? When this very important issue is brought up, it should not be about whether or not a slice of less than two or three percent of America will vote for anybody — when you are so few your vote is too — but whether Obama can surmount the clear rage organized ownership Judaism feels for him and what he represents. The diaphanous Xymphora has pointed out that Obama has been pretty shockingly frank about sees the Sanherdin's new clothes for what they are, without saying anything the press can easily use, using a variation of the invisible code Bush uses to signal his bibbleclutching crowd. The recent and glorious Jeremiah Wright press conference, in which Wright was covered with honor and laid his foes to rest like blades of grass, was a sort of example of this kind of thin but not the same thing.

  2. Jim Haygood
    April 29, 2008, 6:52 am


    In response to Hillary's insane, bellicose threats, a rabbi from Berkeley heads to Iran. From the JPost:


    For the first time, an American rabbi will be traveling to Iran Tuesday on a mission of interfaith dialogue and understanding.

    Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, one of the early forces behind the Jewish Renewal movement in America, will co-lead a delegation of 21 peace activists to the Islamic Republic on a mission "to humanize the face of Iran, lest we end up with a disaster of global proportions we cannot imagine," she told The Jerusalem Post by phone on Monday.

    Gottlieb, a longtime peace activist and recent cofounder of the Shomer Shalom Institute for Jewish Non-Violence, said her participation in the mission came out of Tuesday's threat by Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton that an Iranian assault on Israel would be met with an American response that would "obliterate" Iran.

    "It is important to negotiate and not threaten obliteration," Gottlieb believes, "in particular because there are between 30,000 and 40,000 Jewish people living in Iran, the oldest extant Jewish community in the Middle East, which has been there since the first exile in 586 BCE."

    link to tinyurl.com
    link to tinyurl.com

  3. Ed
    April 29, 2008, 12:55 pm

    What Hillary, the Neolibs, the Neocons and the Military Industrial/Media/Zionist axis are all up to is creating a false consciousness amongst Jews and Judaized-Christians that a)Israel faces an existential threat from Iran and b) America is in a clash of civilizations with Islam.

    This false consciousness is useful for diverting average Americans from the real economic perils they face as a result of greed, power madness, incompetence and mismanagement by One World Marxist and Capitalist materialists.

    Can Obam deliver America from these new Pharisees? No. He's too indoctrinated by the black Marxists. But Phil is right: he is unreliable when it comes to waging WWIII against Islam, and so the Jewish and Judaized-Christian Establishment wants him eliminated. This is why Hillary and Fox News are collaborating to get her message out.

  4. Charles Keating
    April 29, 2008, 2:54 pm

    Nothing will change no matter who get in office. Real change
    includes allowing average Americans to grasp the reality behind the Federal Reserve System.

    They have no clue.

    They just bend over.

  5. Charles Keating
    April 30, 2008, 8:46 pm

    At the heart of the Zionist critique of liberal assimilation lay the
    conviction that Jews constitute a unique race. It was the belief in
    insurmountable racial differences that made the inevitability of anti-Semitism credible, just as it rationalizes the view that every effort to assimilate must go aground on the barrier reef of biological determinism. The maintenance of that [racial]
    purity was essential to German Zionism, for it acknowledged
    the essential prerequisite for nationhood to be [in the 1922 words of Zionist Fritz Kahn] 'consanguinity of the flesh and solidarity of the soul' together with the 'will to establish a closer [Jewish] brotherhood over [and] against all other communities on earth.

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