‘J Street’ Begins Right Where It Should, By Attacking Neocons

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I’ve long contended that a war between the neocons and the progressives inside the Jewish community is necessary for American Jewry to recover from Iraq–to understand the ways that neoconservative support for Israel led to planning what (predictably) turned out to be the greatest foreign policy debacle of the last generation. Jews owe this soul-searching to America, a country that has given us such freedom, and where the neocons successfully created what Jacob Heilbrunn called "a parallel establishment."

Well, the leaders of J Street, the new lobby, have specifically attacked neoconservative Jews in announcing the new lobby.

For too long, the primary … voices policy makers and politicians
have heard regarding American policy toward Israel and the Middle East
have been those of a vocal minority at the far-right of American
society. … Neoconservative, right-wing Jewish leaders and radical
Christian Zionists have turned their definition of ‘pro-Israel’ into a
driving force in the American political process.

No they don’t go nearly as far as I do; but they understand that the neoconservative agenda, of abandoning the peace process and trying to realign the Middle East so that people would forget about the Palestinians, was pure madness.

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