Nakba Commemoration at Columbia U. This Week

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Arab students at Columbia University in New York will be staging a number of Nakba-related events this week, beginning with a faculty panel tomorrow night at 7 p.m. (Details below) "These will really be the biggest Palestine events in Columbia history," Saif Ammous tells me. I’m going to a couple of the events and will file reports…

Palestine Nakba Week
Columbia Commemorates Palestine’s Catastrophe
Arab Student Association, Filasteen, and Turath
Invite you to join us in a week of events commemorating the 60th
anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba.
Monday, April 28th, 7.00pm
501 Schermerhorn Hall, Columbia University
Prof. Lila Abu Lughod
Prof. Gil Anidjar
Prof. Joseph Massad
Prof. Noha Radwan
Wednesday, April 30th, 5.00pm
Low Plaza & College Walk, Columbia University
-Free Palestinian traditional food
-Live musical performance by the magnificent Tarab, composed of: Prof.
Taoufiq Ben Amor, Tariq Abboushi, Zafer Tawil, and Ramzi El-Edlibi.
-Live Dabke performance and Dabke lessons
-Recital of Palestinian poetry
-And much more…
Thursday, May 1st, 7.00pm
614 Schermerhorn Hall, Columbia University
Join us for a screening of the powerful documentary that will change
the way you view the conflict.
Professor Hamid Dabashi will introduce and discuss the movie

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  1. MRW.
    April 27, 2008, 11:31 pm


    I got to this and without reading further, had to reply.

    "I do believe that people will accept tribal elites if they don't help wreck the foreign policy."

    You couldn't be more correct. The uppy and downy of who's in and who's out and who's the reigning elite is accepted. And who the hell cares.

    But when the reigning elite is diddling with foreign policy with disastrous, possibly catastrophic, results for all our countrymen and innocents in a targeted country with no perceivable benefit to Americans, then derision and hatred sets in. It would be he same if the Italians (Catholic) or the Brits (Protestants) were doing it. The fact that the reigning elite in DC are Jewish neocons whose first love and concern is Israel, and this prompts negative reaction to the policies being put forth by this elite group , then of course they're going to be despised. And no amount of anti-semitism wailing will change that because these ostensible Americans have broken faith with their fellow citizens.

    [Fellow commenters, dont even bother penning me about the Jewish neocons line, read Ari Shavit's article instead:
    link to

    I have every right to criticize, complain, and deride the personal and individual desire of Elliot Abrams as national policy, and I have every right to denounce it.

  2. MRW.
    April 27, 2008, 11:33 pm

    Oh, shoot. Hit the wrong comment section. I apologize. Will put this where it belongs or you can remove it, and this one.

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