‘Times’ Blindness to Palestinian Suffering Recalls Blindness to Jewish Suffering a Generation Ago

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Here is scholar Jerome Slater's take on the Times coverage of the southern
Israeli town of Sderot:

New York Times carried a frontpage story, meant to be
heartwarming, about how Israelis and other Jews are rallying around
the residents of Sderot, the Israeli border town that has been
struck by rockets from
Gaza (so far, with very little effect).
Although the story devotes several paragraphs to quoting Sderot
residents that the attacks prove that it was a mistake to withdraw
the Israeli settlers and soldiers from
Gaza, the story contains no
indication--not a single word--that the attacks might be Palestinian
retaliation for the continued Israeli occupation of the
West Bank and
the ongoing Israeli repression and killing of the Palestinians in
"It really isn't possible to exaggerate just how dishonest and
dangerous the Times continues to be on the Israeli-Palestinian con-
flict. Someday the Times will be apologizing for this, just as it
has for its opposite performance during the
Holocaust, when it
refused to give emphasis to the known slaughter of European Jews. Of
course, if and when it ever acknowledges its disgraceful coverage
of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it will be far too late to do
any good, just as in the case of the


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