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September 11 2008

18 Want to Join the Jewish Genius Club? Rule 1: Be Jewish

6 ‘Bi-Nationalist Zionist Vision Might Have Prevailed But for Arab Pogroms’

50 Israel’s Defiance of International Law on Its Border Violations Has Empowered Nasrallah

12 ‘Yale Daily News’ Suppresses News of Historic Vote

21 You Want to Moderate Israel, Phil, But Where Are the Arab Counterparts?

10 ‘Times’ Visits Gaza. Has a Wonderful Time, Wishes You Were Here

23 ‘I Want Your Son to Die Here’

September 10 2008

28 Saif Ammous on Squaring Progressive and Zionist

6 Intervene in Darfur? Cakewalk Is Spelled, IED

32 ‘Shiksa Countries Are for Practice’

33 Yale Political Union Votes 44-25 to ‘End the Special Relationship’ Between U.S. and Israel

September 9 2008

50 ‘Peace Now’ Asked Uri Avnery Not to Speak Up at Its Demonstrations

15 Selfish Post

September 8 2008

23 Palin the Lobbyist-Basher Was Vetted– by the Israel Lobby

16 So She Tried to Ban Shakespeare. Has She Ever Read Him?

15 NBC Throws the Baby (Matthews) Out With the Bath Water (Olbermann)

26 Jewish Security Blanket

1 Are Veterans Poised to Swiftboat Mac?

10 Jewish Public Figures Should Emulate Catholic Ones Re Doctrine

September 7 2008

43 Report: ’60 Minutes’ Cut Ahmadinejad’s Statement, ‘Solution Is Democracy’ in Israel/Palestine

12 Monkey See, Monkey Do: U.S. Does ‘Targeted Assassinations’ in Iraq

16 ‘We Were 18 Million in ’39. Now We’re a Mere 15 Million’

7 Even Neocons Are Talking About a Binational State

20 Dialoguin’ With Ralph Seliger

30 Israeli Prez Dampens Market in ‘September Surprise’ Futures

9 Be a Mama’s Boy and Get Ahead

September 6 2008

27 Did McCain Choose Palin Because He Found Her Sexually Attractive?

September 5 2008

15 Author of New Book On Israel Lobby Says Biden Is Wrong Re AIPAC

17 ‘You Are Intolerant of Those Who Value Jewish Peoplehood’

9 Neighbor’s Email Portrays Palin as Wily, Secretive, Out for Herself

10 A Plausible Reading List for Sarah Palin

13 Palin’s Cleavage, McCain’s Box

2 Most of McCain’s Jewish Braintrust Has Ties to JINSA, of Iraq War Fame

6 1948 Vs 1967. Some Thoughts on the Right of Return

0 Celebration of Darwish at Harvard

3 Biden ‘Reminiscent’ of Walt and Mearsheimer. If Only

September 4 2008

11 They Convinced Me

46 Alterman: Let the Settlers Live in the New Palestinian State

3 Ambassador: Why Not Work With Taliban to Get Al-Qaeda?

6 ‘Hockey Moms’ Is Subliminal Code for–

3 McCain: Anti-Abortion Advocacy ‘Extends Beyond U.S. Boundaries’

19 One State, Schmoo-State, Anti-Zionist, Schmanti-Zionist

9 Jewish Soul-Searching Scheduled, Hallelujah

1 Sometimes Intermarriage Is Good for the Jews

1 Giuliani Calls AIPAC ‘a Pro-Israel Group’

1 Neocon Gotterdammerung (New York Sun May Close)

9 The Palins Should Have Protected Bristol’s Privacy

15 ‘Community Organizing’ Is Coded Racism

September 3 2008

31 Scary Repos

3 Republican Xenophobia

14 Leading Journal Publishes a Desperate Portrait of Israel as a ‘Failed European Fragment’ Hated by Its Neighbors

9 Prager Says Jewish and Liberal Are No Longer Synonymous

14 Obama: ‘We Are the Saudi Arabia of Oil’

1 Obama Rabbis

15 Palin Spawns Impersonators

11 That Was Fast (Palin Genuflects to AIPAC)

3 What Ron Allen Should Have Said to Newt Gingrich

September 2 2008

7 Lieberman, Pantaloon

14 Mean-Spirited Republicans

26 Israeli Soldiers Attack Home of Palestinian Whistle-Blower

13 The Media Slam Religion-n-Politics–When It’s Christian Republicans

14 Alleged Israeli ‘Quota’ in 2001: ’70 Palestinian Bodies a Day’

10 Americans Aren’t Stupid. They’re Ignorant

6 Carter Was Sidelined So As Not to Alienate Jewish Donors. Sorry–’Voters’

4 Obama Says He Has Executive Experience

27 Israeli Historian: Palestinians Are Biological Descendants of Bible’s Jews

6 Palin Pick Is (Was?) a Blow Against the Meritocracy

9 Georgia Overplayed Its Hand Because It Figured It Was Another Israel

0 McCain, McGovern–

22 How Will Palin Peel?

September 1 2008

12 Politico: Jewish Donors Appalled by Palin

20 Yee-Ha! Will Inauguration Feature a Shotgun Wedding?

4 ‘Commentary’: ‘Nakba’ Is Arabic for ‘Picnic’

7 Why Palestinian Oral Histories of ‘Nakba’ Must Be Given Weight by Scholars

September 30 2008

9 Conspiracy Theory: Yielding on Territory, Olmert Was Lucky to Escape With His Life

2 UN: Israel Has Increased Checkpoints and Roadblocks in West Bank

3 Matthews Calls Bush–and Palin–a ‘Cover’ for Neocon Agenda

2 ‘J Street’ Stopped AIPAC From Getting Congressional Signatures on Anti-Iran Napkin

2 Did ‘The Sun’ Have Bad Juju?

3 U.N. to Consider Israeli Nukes

September 29 2008

12 Has Israel Got a Taliban Too?

34 Rosh Hashanah and the Financial Crisis

1 ‘Most’ Programming for Young Jews Is ‘Crusade’ Against Intermarriage

16 Happy New Year (Jewish New Year–Apologies to Gentile Readers) to Seliger

5 Bill Clinton Is Eloquent on America’s Image in Africa

7 Israeli P.M.’s, Like American Presidents, Wait Till the End to Say Anything Sensible About Palestine

September 28 2008

5 ‘Daily Kos’ Blames McCain’s Team for Attack on Ohio Mosque

22 Masturbation and Porn

9 ‘ABC News’ Guilts Baptists for Political Beliefs, Why Not Jews?

10 Hilda Silverman’s Finally Getting Her ‘Nakba’ Meeting With Paul Newman

14 Even Mommy’s in the Lobby

September 27 2008

4 Sometimes I Go About and Poison Wells

24 Why Don’t You Guys Move to Israel?

22 The Elite Media Are Siding With Obama (Praise the Lord)

27 Communism Soured in ’56, a Lot Like Zionism Now

8 Decline and Fall

September 26 2008

12 Seliger on the Right of Return

13 ‘Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians? What About the Arab Jews?’

6 The War for Israel’s Soul

4 78 Palestinian Groups Affirm ‘Right of Return’ as Core Principle

17 ‘Daily Kos’ Denies the Existence of the Israel Lobby

2 Neocons’ Identity Politics Have Helped to Fuel Explosive Sectarianism in the Middle East

19 The ‘Obsession’ DVD: What Rough Beast Slouches From Jerusalem?

0 Some Victims of Sudan President Don’t Want Him Arrested

September 25 2008

4 ‘In Peshawar, Taliban Country, All 4 of My Sisters Got Master’s Degrees’

17 Wake Up! (Leftwing Israeli Injured by Pipe-Bomb Warns of ‘Disintegration of Democracy’)

13 ‘Compensation Cannot Extinguish the Right of Return’

7 Comic’s Appeal to Jewish Voters for Obama Is Careful

7 ‘In the Occupied Territories I See a Violent, Oppressive, Extreme Reality… I Refuse to Take Part In’

September 24 2008

10 Response to Bernard-Henri Levy

8 Neocons Found in Cave at Harvard, Still Ignoring Al Qaeda

24 Despotism in the West Bank: Palestinians Are Denied Ability to Plan Their Towns

September 23 2008

30 ‘In Iran, We’re Taking on the Civilization That Invented Chess and Backgammon’

38 More on Why the Left Is Claimed by the Israel Lobby

21 Ahmadinejad: Jews and Arabs Should Vote in Referendum on Future of ‘Palestine’

1 Since When Is ‘Commentary’ for the Two-State Solution?

1 The Revolution Will Not Be Air-Conditioned

1 I’m Wrong About Greenberg Working for Mofaz

10 Please Greenlight this Western: ‘Shootout With the Israel Lobby Over Dividing Jerusalem’

11 ‘Israel Faces Tremendous Risks in Giving Up West Bank’

3 Settler Calls Jews ‘Revenant’ to West Bank

1 What Do You Call a Neocon Without Lipstick?

September 22 2008

8 Some Israeli Kids Refuse to Serve the Occupation. Why Don’t We Know About Them?

11 ‘The Left Is Engaged in a Battle With Fictional Christianists and Islamists’


1 Can McCain Take a Step Without His Wife?

18 Pollster Greenberg Cuts Left in U.S., Right in Israel

6 Settlers Launch Vicious Attack on Jewish Identity

5 Obama Praises Olmert. Why? He’s Disgraced in Israel

September 21 2008

29 The Gandhi of the Middle East Will Likely Be an Arab Rising from an American Institution

52 ‘The American Left (Dailykos) Also Is Claimed by the Israel Lobby’

September 20 2008

29 Investment Bankers Paid for a Culture That Glorified Them. RIP

9 ‘Geneva Accord Is the Answer on Refugees: Compensation, and a Return to Palestine’

6 11- and 13-Year-Old Palestinian Boys Spend Week in Jail for Protesting Separation Wall

21 Chomsky Slaps Israel Lobby Theory as ‘Marginal Irrelevancy’

5 Monkey See, Monkey Do: U.S. Enables Ethnic Cleansing in Iraq

5 Furor Builds Over Settlement-Czar Leviev. Actually, Just Furore

9 Ken Singleton and the American Myth

10 Sociology 101: Success=Assimilation

September 19 2008

26 If Non-Christians Were Driven to Canada, Would You Support the Right of Return?

13 Most Israelis Agree: ‘A Jewish State Has Turned Out to Be a Bad Idea for the Jews’

18 ‘Israel’s Neighborhood Is Filled With Fanatics’

23 Gates’ Evolved Policy of Apologizing and Compensating Quickly Should Be Emulated by You-Know-Who

3 Iraqis Had ‘Skin in the Game’

3 Land

29 I Dream About an Italian Guy Who Hid His Roots

September 18 2008

9 When Will Harvard Shake Its Neocon Migraine?

23 Gosh There Sure Are a Lot of Jews on TV Talking About the Financial Crisis

2 It’s Kinda Turning Into the New N-Word, Isn’t It?

7 Israel Wants to Claim Livni as Its Obama (Good–Now Rise to the Occasion!)

September 17 2008

10 Walt: Iraq Was an Intellectual ‘Experiment’ for Neocons, Absent Human Beings

20 ‘Anti-Semitism is a Negligible Presence on Our Campuses Today’

4 Urquhart Warned Against the Arnhem Drop

6 Neocons Seem to Be Driving American Interests Off the Cliff in Russia and Central Asia

41 Olmert Expresses ‘Regret’ for Nakba

7 Republican Jews Seek to Smear Obama by Saying He Cares About Palestinian ‘Suffering’

4 Author: Murderers of U.N.’s Bernadotte Had Help from 2 Governments

6 3 Jews in Public Life

5 That Call from Marty Peretz that Transforms a Young Journo’s Horizon

3 Republicans Aim Anti-Obama ‘Poll’ at Jewish Voters

September 16 2008

4 AEI, Neocons’ Hive, Still Close to Heart of Bush Administration

3 Killed 60 Years Ago, Folke Bernadotte Sought ‘Ironclad’ Guarantees Against Israeli Expansion

7 Jimmy Carter Got Applause at Dem Convention

4 GOP ‘Fixture’ Who Called for Bombing Iran to Protect Israel Is Bombed, Rolled by ‘Beautiful Woman’

18 Rules for Fools: Gentiles Who Criticize Israel Are Anti-Semites

17 ‘The Occupation Victimizes Both Peoples.’ Yes, But Not Equally

1 Critic of Israel Leaves Harvard for Duke

3 Do Kovner’s Banns Signal Ban on Neocons?

2 Israeli Army Arrests Palestinian Cows

14 ADL Rings in High Holidays With Scary Image of Cops at Synagogue

3 ‘We Have Lost Our Way When We Look at Dead Children and Feel So Little’

September 15 2008

16 Terrifying

8 Case of Oliver Wendell Holmes Suggests that Carter Will Be in Historical Doghouse for Years for Angering Jews

23 Grateful

25 ‘Do You Find Any Merit in the Liberal Zionist Critique of Your Blog?’

3 White Hunter Dershowitz Bagged Finkelstein– Now Claims Carter Too

22 Seliger Responds to Ross and Ammous

3 Where Is McCain on the 2-State Solution? (Where Is the Liberal Media?)

9 Late Tanya Reinhart Reportedly Likened Lobby to ‘Protocols of Elders of Zion’

14 More About this Blog

September 14 2008

31 How’d You Like Christian-Only Roads in the U.S.?

7 Debate Ethics of Torture–Then Why Not Rape?

0 Neophyte’s Neocortex No-Brainer for Neocons

14 Author of ‘Hitler’s Willing Executioners’ Wrote that He Has ‘Full-Time Security’ When in Germany

12 Refuge… Homeland… State… Facts on the Ground

4 Resolved: Yale Students Not Good for the Jews?

20 Torture Works. Doesn’t Mean We Should Do It

6 The Case for Dershowitz

26 While America Slept, Neocons Darted Chip Into Palin’s Brain

22 Legendary ‘NY Review’ Hasn’t Gotten Around to Walt & Mearsheimer, Now Out for a Year

September 13 2008

2 Pressure Mounts on U.K. Not to Rent from Settlement Czar Leviev

42 ‘NYT’ Distributes Movie That’s Harsh on Islam, Paid for by Rightwing Fearmongers

13 Why Did Dershowitz Switch His Loyalty?

29 Obama Can’t Attack McCain’s Neocons Because He Needs Jews

5 ‘The Zionists in this Town Work Just Like the Sopranos’

September 12 2008

10 Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington (We’re F*****d)

2 Iraq-War-Cheerleaders Pollack and Beinart Offer Themselves As ‘Progressives’

6 Charlie Gibson Secretly Judges Sarah Palin

6 Why Sarkozy Loves Obama

2 (Only in Haaretz) ‘Jews Attacking Jews’

4 Jewish Law Dean Calls Out Neocon Jews as Israel-First ‘Bastards’

1 The Hijab and Colonial Feminism

28 Where This Blog Is Headed, Knock Wood

5 Both Party Platforms Say ‘Undivided’ Jerusalem

16 McCain’s Jewish Backers Say Obama Would Bring Another Holocaust

2 Abu Dhabi Newspaper Speaks Openly of Syrian Repression

3 ‘Why I’m for the Right of Return’

13 ‘Times’ Fronts Wonderful Story of Jewish-Arab Coexistence You Know Where

September 11 2008

11 Matthews Suggests AIPAC Scripted Palin’s Rote Answer on Israel

13 Jack Ross Takes on Ralph Seliger’s Claim Re Binationalist Zionists