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December 24 2008

22 American Jewish community described as ‘powerful’ (in France)

4 ‘For the first time in her life, Caroline Kennedy had fun this year…’

23 The banality of Madoff

8 2 Dep’y Sec’ys of State are both Harvardiste

December 23 2008

14 Horowitz: How can I celebrate a Jewish liberation story while Gaza is starving?

0 They will beat their outposts into condoshares….

15 Jewish reporter for ‘Forbes’ admits censoring himself about Jewish angle when on national television

9 A little hope: a Golanchik marvels at his former commander’s transformation re Gaza

2 Israel lobby shtik

14 I have another assimilationist dream

December 22 2008

18 Merry hollow capitalist observance in a propositional nation!

6 At last, the end of ‘Krugman’s Paradox’

3 Zeitgeist alert: at TPM an Israeli-American cries out to the world to save us from ourselves

12 Jefferson, Margaret Mead, and Eddie Haskell

3 Israel/AIPAC seem defensive about Gaza coverage

8 Mearsheimer on the Times’ Ethan Bronner

2 People of the book

9 Graphomania is a need for attention (and a full employment plan)

15 Rabbis call for an end to the ‘g word’

3 ‘The Negev Bedouin do not have a link to this land. The land belongs to the Jewish state.’

7 I say ‘Merry Christmas!’ but I admit I feel guiltridden about it

4 The Welch Club

December 21 2008

0 That’s a lot of ‘lattkes’

2 Silverstein: Bronner ‘Condescends’ to Burg

2 How can we trust Caroline Kennedy on Israel?

7 IRMEP seeks tax probe of all that U.S. money going to West Bank colonies

26 Walt: The evidence is piling up that American leaders are turning away from the lobby

6 It’s hard to go out in New York this time of year and not be tugged by assimilationism

4 WASPy is raspy but ‘Jewy’ is chewy

1 Why does Sara Roy have to go to London to document conditions in Gaza?

December 20 2008

23 Jewish liberals luv reproductive rights, and AIPAC

21 To have an opinion re the Mideast in the American press, you must first ‘love’ Israel

6 NYT: Burg’s epiphany about selfish Jewish identity happened where? In the states, of course, on Appalachian trail

December 19 2008

12 This rant is getting old to me but I have to take it around the track every few days

15 Krugman’s Bork moment

31 Making a difference: Haim Saban gives equally to Brookings Institution and Israeli army

1 Another report from that alleged Israeli ‘civil war’ in the occupied territories

5 The peace process is like heroin, you feel good and do nothing

9 Former ‘Times’ reporter says reporting on Gaza conditions is ‘vendetta against Israel’

18 I’m all wet. Actually the Madoff story is all about Jewish assimilation

7 Hamas and WINEP deserve one another

December 18 2008

30 Despair (but history is not static)

4 Hadar: Israel/Palestine need not be a priority

3 At 48, Lincoln would abandon his ambition if the ‘oppressed of my species’ could not share in it

8 Desch: Liberal internationalists can’t back away from their crucial support for Iraq disaster

8 ‘You really need to get over your Lincoln kick, man’

37 ‘WSJ’ drops one shoe: Madoff exploited a Jewish ‘network of trust’

31 The west finally goes to war against the settlements (Obama to follow)

2 Former Undersec’y of State Says Israel Bears Prime Responsibility for Lack of Justice for Palestinians

6 Seliger attacks Slater

6 Lincoln was for intifada

7 What my friends are saying about the coming Deprecession

5 Rumor central: Was Spitzer after Madoff?

December 17 2008

8 The ‘Times’ appears to maintain that bloggers are not ‘journalists’

3 Shministim’s American campaign is covered you-know-where, by you-know-who

4 It sure is easier to anatomize Old Boy network than New Boy network

5 Birthright pangs

10 I was an Antwerp jeweler

5 Obama’s singularity

15 I promise you all this stuff is going to come out, about the Jewish neocons and Iraq

38 Ethnocentrism is just too squeamish-making for NPR listeners

14 Disraeli Gears

December 16 2008

37 ‘Snaky contact’: I bet Lincoln wouldn’t have shaken hands with Hebron settlers

12 A list of apparent donors to the Central Fund of Israel, which supports settler militias

13 You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows (Iraqi ambassador says Israel/Palestine is the ‘core’ issue behind world terrorism)

7 Sign the Shministim letter. Now. I just did after procrastinating for days

32 ‘Times’ Piece on Falk Expulsion Ignores Human Rights Abuses, Pipes Israeli Foreign Ministry Line

36 More on consequences to Israel lobby of Madoff collapse

9 Rabbi David Dudkevitch… David Duke Thru the Looking Glass

9 Israel lobby is foraging for twigs

December 15 2008

30 Arguing about whether Dan Kurtzer should get the nod from Obama

2 ‘J Street’ finds a wedge issue to realign Jewish leadership: ‘extremist settlers’

7 3 warning signs Madoff’s victims ignored

17 Wages of Ethnocentrism, Continued

5 Israel deports UN Rapporteur who said Gaza blockade is crime against humanity recalling apartheid

34 Lincoln called schadenfreude ‘a fatal error’

18 Madoff and the Israel lobby

7 Madoff fraud is an advertisement for the benefits of assimilation

9 Israelis have been harmed in very deep ways by occupation

6 I’m down with the orientalists on the shoes

December 14 2008

19 Lion Cubs of 1970

33 Jews Are More Moral Than Others, So Jewish Critics of Israel Must Hate Themselves

6 Memories of Lebanon, 1982

15 ‘Times’ Whitewashes Israeli Role in Sabra and Shatilla Massacres

9 What’s Your Phone Bill Go to Pay For?

9 Madoff and the Jewish Elite

2 Enron for Jews

17 Kirk Douglas and ‘The Meaning of Judaism’: Actor Linked to Fund for Settlers’ Militias

11 Gazans Eating Grass

December 13 2008

5 Producer of ‘Accidental Husband’ and Other Upstanding Jews Linked to Fabric Store Outfit that Funds Settler Militias

6 Potential Obama Envoy Dan Kurtzer Had a Brother Living in a Settlement

24 Who Lost Israel?

26 Like Lewinsky, Rich, and Libby, Madoff Scandal Exposes Jewish Social Cohesion in Establishment

December 12 2008

29 Finkelstein, Gandhi and the 2-State Solution

20 Settler Movement Funded by NY Fabric Store Outfit Seems to Include Murderer of Arabs

13 So What If Pat Buchanan Isn’t a Philosemite….

14 Her Jewish State

11 Election of Netanyahu Could Allow Obama to Treat Israel Like a Normal Country

17 Zionism 4.0: Livni Talks Transfer

December 11 2008

27 Major U.S. Power Figures–Tisch, Greenberg, Milken–Linked to Charity that Funds Settlers’ Militias

50 I’m an anti-Zionist

1 Two Sets of Law on an Ethnic Basis=Apartheid

10 Settlers Charity Operating out of NY Fabric Store Funneled $106,000, Tax Deductible, to Israeli Group with ‘No Arab’ Policy

2 NY Fabric Store Family’s Charity: We Train People to Fight in Towns in Occupied Territories With Other Civilians Around Us

16 Might have lost a friend due to flare-up over new media/old media

December 10 2008

12 Limbaugh Slanders Khalidi as ‘Noted Jew-Hater’

6 Of all Places–’Stars and Stripes’ Warns of Israeli Civil War

7 N.Y. Fabric Store Is Home to Tax-Deductible Fund for ‘Urgent Security Needs’ of Jewish Settlers

7 Why Are Greeks Getting So Bent out of Shape by One Boy’s Death?

50 Discriminatory Land Policy and Law of Return Made ‘Awful Sense’ in 1951 (Not Now)

25 Indifference to Gaza Suffering Chalked Up to Jewish Ethnocentrism

December 9 2008

19 A hospital in East Jerusalem, 1983

33 Change we can’t believe in

2 Burg: ‘God created the world with polemics’

5 Israeli methods of cracking down on settlers are gentle compared to treatment of Arabs

6 Self-promotion: I’m in a conversation about Burg’s book over at TPM

3 UN: US ‘complicit’ in massive violations of Geneva convention in Gaza that threatens ‘mass famine and disease’

1 Strawberry Fields. 12/8/08

2 And lo, after 500 years, AIPAC called settlers

12 Jeffrey Goldberg, Shapeshifter

7 Dog Bites Tail

December 8 2008

4 Era of ‘The Journalist’ is petering out with a whimper

10 In Gaza ghetto, they’re making bread using animal feed, reports Abunimah

18 Parents Object to Two Arab Students Entering Israeli School

16 ‘Times’ (Self-Servingly) Endorses Single-Gunman Theory of Iraq War

5 Cry the beloved country: Israeli civil rights org says 4 million Arabs have no right to life, right to work, right of movement, right to speak

2 An international consensus like the one that gave us Partition now urges sanctions against apartheid


10 Speak for Yourself, Seth Lipsky

3 Me and General Jones, we got a thing going on

19 Burg: After Partition, Each Side Was Kidnaped by Its Extremist Element

December 7 2008

3 Haaretz is trying to embarrass Israel in the eyes of the world

4 ‘Times’ Does Fine Piece on ‘Juda-izing’ of East Jerusalem But Has Lots of Work to Do


5 The assimilationist ramifications of the brutalized Israeli wanderjahr

14 An Argument for How the Nazi Analogy May Actually Build Sympathy for Israel

17 One Problem with the Jewish Day School Movement

December 6 2008

46 How the Lobby Shut Jimmy Carter Down. Not!

12 ‘Times’ Bends Over Backwards to See Peaceful Intentions in Settlers

21 Turning 70, Marty Peretz Claims Samantha Power for Israel

December 5 2008

50 Maybe American Jews Should Stop Talking About a ‘Demographic’ Threat to a Country They Choose Not to Live In

15 Having Spent Hours with Obama, Chuck Hagel Tells the Israel Lobby We Need Justice in Palestine or Our Foreign Policy Is Meaningless

2 A Portrait of Our Leaders

34 Stuck Inside of the Council of Foreign Relations With the Dual-Loyalty Blues Again

5 Bias at Work: ‘Times’ Fronts Wrenching Foto of Dragged White Colonist While Israeli and English Press Focus on ‘Pogroms’ Against Palestinians

8 Contradictions of Zionist Identity: Rabbi Supported Communists in U.S., Right-Wingers in Israel

2 Question: What’s Hillary’s Game?

4 IPF– Obama’s AIPAC– Is Trying to Save Israel From Itself

December 4 2008

12 Avraham Burg Urges Jews to Get Past Hangup Over Intermarriage

25 Why Is It Palestinians Must Pay the Price for Israeli ‘Civil War’?

9 Cheated by ‘Religulous,’ He Wonders, Why the Double Standard in U.S. Culture for Israel?

21 A Picture About U.S. History Long Ago

December 31 2008

48 2009, looming

December 4 2008

2 Whither Journalism: Twitter Covered Mumbai, Dubai Is New Media Center

0 ‘One of the Most Powerful Lobbies in D.C. Failed, in an Election Year’

December 31 2008

17 If the article says ‘the war is wrong’ 6 times, why is the headline ‘Darkness in Qassam-land’?

December 4 2008

3 My Mistake–Leviev Party & Protest–It’s Tonight

December 31 2008

8 re the bombing of Islamic University

December 4 2008

8 Zionist Noir–When Arlosoroff Pulled a Gun on His Lover Who Dated Goebbels

December 31 2008

12 American street, and American elite

December 4 2008

16 What Does It Say About the World, or Just America,

December 31 2008

4 finally, some boycott talk

December 4 2008

3 Only in Haaretz: Khalidi Blasts ‘McCarthyite’ Tactics Linked to Israel Lobby

December 31 2008

3 Jews are wringing their hands over Madoff–what about Gaza?

December 3 2008

25 Settlers Turn Their Sights to ‘Juda-izing’ Arab Sections of Israel

December 31 2008

13 How to think about the missiles that terrorize Sderot, by Adam Horowitz, who’s been there

December 3 2008

3 Heads of State: American Jewish C’ttee President Discusses Iran Policy With Argentine President

December 31 2008

2 Is pathetic Durbin statement a harbinger of Obama stance?

December 3 2008

4 Harvey Weinstein to Hold Fab Party With Mogul Who’s Vitiating Two-State Solution

December 31 2008

6 Gaza is ‘undoing’ the Jews

December 3 2008

5 More on the :) Trend :) for Jewish Conversion

December 31 2008

2 Gaza shows growing power of internet, and Marty Peretz knows it

December 3 2008

14 Former Knesset Speaker Describes American Jewry as ‘Semi-Autonomous,’ Influential Structure Built by Zionism

December 31 2008

5 Rand McNally and Merriam-Webster wipe Gaza off the map

December 3 2008

3 Nakba Comes Home: ‘Onion’ Jokes About Israel Taking 80% of Palestinians’ Land

December 31 2008

9 Nowhere to run

December 3 2008

4 Obama + Daschle X WINEP = AEI (Conspiratorial Thinking Is Inevitable)

December 31 2008

4 Bromwich: NYT authority Morris sees Palestinians as ‘animals not yet inducted into full humanity’

December 3 2008

18 Jews Were Targeted in Mumbai–What Does This Say About Muslim Antisemitism?

December 31 2008

6 Obama at the crossroads

December 3 2008

4 National Jewish Student Mag Attacks ‘Birthright’

December 31 2008

5 Press advisory for Israel apologists!

December 3 2008

7 Separate and Unequal, Israeli Arabs Are Inspired by Obama

December 31 2008

3 The late campaign fraud

December 3 2008

14 I Urge a Friend to Have a Little Faith re Obama

December 31 2008

5 In their own words

December 2 2008

10 Chomsky: Orwell Said ‘a Good Education’ Is the Best Way to Suppress Free Thinking

December 31 2008

37 It’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fabulous)

December 2 2008

2 The Israel Lobby Is Coming Up to Its Elian Gonzalez Moment

December 31 2008

4 ‘Huffpo’ misrepresents Pal protest as another Obama hoop story

December 2 2008

4 Young-Adult Author Aronson Blames the Victims for Suffering in Palestine

December 30 2008

17 Just because there’s one president at a time

December 2 2008

13 Christian Leaders Tell Obama: I/P Conflict Has Gone on ‘Too Long’

December 30 2008

19 Israel is getting clobbered in p.r.

December 2 2008

16 At New York Public Library, 2 Israelis Acknowledge ‘Oppression’ Then Wonder Where Is Israel’s Obama?

December 30 2008

22 In their own words

December 2 2008

15 Richard Cohen Runs Around the Elephant in the Room While Righteously Attacking Eric Holder

December 30 2008

4 ‘Tibetan insurgents bear the responsibility for Chinese crackdown’

December 1 2008

18 Cautious v Fearless (David Bromwich on Why Obama Is Not Lincoln)

December 30 2008

19 To explain Hamas rockets, Haaretz describes ethnic cleansing of Majdl (Ashkelon) in 1953!!

December 1 2008

12 ‘Livni Is De Klerk, But Can Barghouti Be Mandela to a 2-State Solution?’ (Jack Ross)

December 30 2008

4 Reuters: ‘Jewish lobby’ accounts for Obama’s silence re Gaza

December 1 2008

11 Israel-Firster Attacks Samantha Power

December 30 2008

24 Steve Walt on the reports of a truce

December 1 2008

3 Meeting Australian Author Antony Loewenstein

December 30 2008

7 Are you a Lincoln or a Douglas–take the test now

December 1 2008

9 Post-Neocon Establishment Consensus Emerges: 2 States Now, No Right o’ Return!

December 30 2008

6 ‘Liberty’ … ‘Dignity’

December 1 2008

12 ‘With Ease Our Parents Close Their Eyes to Atrocities Committed in Our Name’–19-Year-Old Refusenik

December 30 2008

9 Benny Morris leaves out the hallmarks of Zionism: expansionism and militarism

December 1 2008

0 Sampo’s Back

December 30 2008

6 Hawkish ex-CIA counter-terror expert virtually accuses Israel of genocide

December 1 2008

2 Oy I Made a Mistake but It’s Not Going to Stop Me

December 30 2008

6 David Frum says Palestinian children are ‘pretending to be injured’ for photographers

9 Hamdillah! Huffpo features a completely sympathetic and even slightly modish Arab as lead image

17 Is Gaza curtains for the Israel lobby? Ross and Blankfort debate

6 Military analysis points in one direction: Shock and awe don’t work

1 This is Ethan Bronner’s chance to seize the Friedman laurels

3 Israel, meet the Raj: Navy attacks Gaza relief mission this morning in international waters

December 29 2008

21 You have questions, they have answers.

16 The American Street knows it’s slaughter even as the media try to sanitize it

16 (It’s happening!) Evanston rabbi calls Gaza a sick-making ‘outrage’


12 Outraged American Jews turn last night of Hanukkah into Shiva for Gaza

9 (at last) the dark night of the soul for American Zionists

0 Anti-Zionist Jews need not apply to US press

2 Gold and Goldberg pick wrong side on Gaza slaughter

0 Obama is getting ‘domestic political cover’ to do something at last

0 WSJ: Destroy Gaza to save it

0 Proportions

0 Foreign sec’y Miliband says it’s ‘disproportionate’

5 Why was David Gregory more hawkish than Tzipi Livni on ‘Meet the Press’ yesterday?

1 Courageous Democrats!

5 High noon for the Israel lobby. It’s happening, right now

36 ‘Today I end my support of Israel’ Obama? Condi Rice? Martin Indyk?

12 the Holocaust belongs to humanity

10 watch this video and tell me Israel is not

8 Barak uses Barack

3 Israeli celebration starts on page A1 of the New York Times

9 Why is American diplomat saying ‘we have elections’ when he’s talking about Israel?

4 Another American who must publish his views in Europe

1 4 children and their mother crushed, one sister survives

2 Impotent superpower

December 28 2008

16 Targets: Fish market, university labs, mosque


33 Walt: I worry that a limp response encourages Israel to think it can ‘cleanse’ Palestine

11 Horowitz: Is Israel writing another ‘Exodus’ for Gaza?

3 ‘Media tools to help explain IDF operations in Gaza’

2 Lincoln to Obama: ‘The tug has to come, & better now than later’

3 Axelrod twice invokes ‘special relationship,’ nothing about Palestinian deaths

7 ‘Little Baghdad’ at 11:30 a.m., and all the children in school

7 Young Jewish bloggers leapfrog Friedman, Goldberg et al as leaders on Gaza slaughter

3 Mama, won’t you tell me, is there any connection


39 Day 2 of the Gaza assault begins

2 How neoconservatism destroyed American Jewish moral leadership, Chapter 532

8 Gaza slaughter will help end the Israel lobby

3 E&P dares to suggest that Gaza slaughter is ‘mass murder’ (then Huffpo censors headline)

0 UK’s ‘Guardian’ likens Gaza slaughter to ‘Deir Yassin’

1 This one feels like Kent State–d’ya remember our outrage?

1 Israeli operation named after children’s poem for Hanukkah

3 ‘J Street’ statement on Gaza and ‘cycle of violence’ must be welcomed

0 Samuel Huntington dies–freethinking scholar who inspired ‘Israel Lobby’ book

7 Berman on Israel’s ‘security situation.’ Pelosi also blames Hamas

December 27 2008

7 Robo-calling, Israeli style

12 ‘An earthquake on top of your head’

24 ‘never had we imagined anything like this… the amount of death and destruction is inconceivable…’

6 Emergency protests of ‘massacre’ set for Sunday in NY, Chicago

11 AJC dances in blood. Where are J Street, IPF, and Peace Now?

8 Bush blames Hamas. Obama is silent. Aipac has the day off

4 Majority of those killed are civilians

13 We paid for the F-16 fighter jets and missiles used in attack killing 200 Gazans

2 A playground, a marketplace, girls walking home from school (and calls for revenge)

4 Are we witnessing ethnic cleansing?

25 ‘Surgical strikes,’ with U.S. backing, in the most densely populated place on earth

1 Paging Tom Friedman

2 When will a U.S. congressman send this angry letter to the Secretary of State?

1 Waiting for a school bus, a boy sees two girls killed in an instant

0 Tribalism made Modern Orthodox ready victims to Madoff

8 Let’s cry over an antiwar movie about a 1982 siege (while Gaza is attacked)

December 26 2008

18 Maybe Jewish critics of Israel are just…. critics of Israel

35 Sometimes even a Christmas Jew gets shocked

14 Perle: ‘I’m not a Republican.’ Who Cares?

December 25 2008

11 Are Jews a minority? I don’t know

December 24 2008

26 Jack Ross’s Christmas Eve Post

9 …and mine