12 children killed in Gaza Monday. Or 20

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How long can American leaders hold out? Yahoo's top story at this hour is an Agence France-Presse story headlined "Gaza civilians bearing brunt of violence…"

Another sign that the media are changing: Richard Engel on NBC Nightly News tonight said that many of the people in the Gaza strip were "forced out" of or fled Israel in 1948. Nakba, discovered…

A Gaza Health Ministry official says 20 children were killed today. Leila Abu-Saba responds angrily:

First we will hear that it was the fault of their fathers that they
died. We will then hear that the number was not twenty, but only
eleven, or four children. The other nine or sixteen were not really
children, or they were the children of terrorists so therefore not
included in the count of children killed, or they were children
pretending to be dead, posed by nefarious Palestinians in order to
gain the sympathy of the world while they complain under their
justifiable and merciful punishment.

Finally, when we mourn too long and remember in years to come the day
that Israel killed twenty children in Gaza, we will be told that we
must let the past be past. Let bygones be bygones. Mistakes were made,
all of them regrettable, and we must forget.

Never forgetting is not for the likes of us who love our Arab
children. Refusing to forget is a privilege reserved for other people
whose children are more precious than ours.

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