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Jim Lobe says that it looks like Dennis Ross is to be the "czar" of Middle East policy under Hillary. This is staggeringly bad news. And illustrative of the fact that neoconservatism by one of its more amenable names is still in our lives, and the Israel lobby is a big component of the Establishment. Dennis Ross, who pushed the settlements in '92. Dennis Ross, who moved from party to party with indifference, because he had a bigger power than party behind him. As Obama is now demonstrating.. A friend says that Dennis Ross in Arabic means, Expletive you!

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  1. Craig says:

    So, Phil, are you giving up on your Obama optimism yet?

  2. morris says:

    So, Phil, are you giving up on your Obama optimism yet?

  3. Tommy says:

    There should be no doubt the new establishment president will maintain establishment policies.

  4. Jim Haygood says:

    'Stasis we can believe in'

    How many days before the first bumper sticker appears –


    Hope I receive mine before the coronation. Send one to Denny Ross with my compliments.

  5. Jim Haygood says:

    Reviewing Robert Satloff's WINEP memo about Dennis Ross, quoted in Jim Lobe's blog, is like reading a KGB memo to Stalin. 'Our man Harry Dexter White at Treasury is ready to carry out the Morgenthau Plan of pastoralizing Germany.'

    link to

    Times have changed. WINEP exults (as it were ) that 'our man Dennis Ross at State is ready to carry out Israel's PNAC plan to pastoralize Iran.'

    link to

    No need for elaborate communications security — the delay of the Rosen/Weissman trial, thanks to our collaborator Mukasey, shows we've got the judiciary wired too.

    Treason is no crime anymore; it's a cottage industry. Provided you got the right protection (yeah, I'm talkin' to you, Johnny Pollard). It's all cleared with Barry-O — smooth sailing ahead. Mazel tov!

  6. Who does not believe in the Zionist virtual colonial motherland now?

    This type of stuff is nothing new, and the UK was subjected to it first: In Re: Partition Still Casts Shadow On India-Pakistan Ties.

  7. American says:

    @ Jim Haygood

    You are right it is treason. I was calling the usual congressional and zionist suspects traitors 7 years ago and of course was called an anti-semite for making that obvious observation.

    I do feel for the jews who aren't party to this though…they have got to be cringing with every bomb dropped by Israel.

    How long can congress keep on representing Israel instead of Americans I wonder?

    Never seen the public so furious more furious even than they were over Iraq.

    But congress rolls on suporting Israel, totally obivious to what 80% of the public is demanding.

  8. Paul Malfara says:

    @craig, morris

    "So, Phil, are you giving up on your Obama optimism yet?"

    Phil hasn't yet achieved the realistic cynicism that the three of us share. He is to be commended on his optimistic outlook, however, because along with it, he possesses the impartial ability to change direction on a dime and attack those that he once held great hope for. I admire that about you, Phil; it demonstrates both your honesty and your continuous search for truth. When your hopes are dashed against the rocks of reality, you do NOT hesitate to take out the laser scalpel.


  9. MM says:

    Took the words out of my mouth, Paul.

    It's a trait he seems to share with Glenn Greenwald, actually, whose good faith in the Democratic party is dashed against the rocks about 52 times a year, for all to see.