Tale of a family split between Israel and Gaza, and now dismembered

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Sky Redoubt translates this heartbreaking passage from Haaretz Hebrew edition (more or less literal, abridged):

Galit Popok [female] was married to Rama Kadara, a Palestinian from Gaza, and lived with him and their 6 children in Natzrat Elit [a mostly
Jewish town next to Nazareth]. Then Rama couldn't get Israeli
citizenship [naturally…]. They moved to Gaza. Then 2.5 yr ago Popok
came back to Israel
with 3 of their children [and the expectation that the family would be reunited]. She kept in touch with Rama. During
Operation Cast Lead his father called her to tell her that Rama was killed after
venturing out of his home to bring food for his daughters. "Since then
I'm depressed, collapsing" says Popok. "My husband agreed for me to
take the daughters back only if he's able to go back to Israel. He
said: 'Do everything to get us out of here.'"

father now objects to returning the daughters to their mother.
According to Popok, she has a court order to return them, but the army
or the Knesset have no answer for her. "My daughters tell me that they want their mother" [etc.] Popok wants IDF
to go into Gaza and bring the children by force. "There is no other
way. My oldest daughter is depressed, their situation is very hard".

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  1. Mohammad
    January 22, 2009, 10:07 pm

    Why do Israelis think that IDF can solve all of their problems, even their family problems? Obviously the kids are better off with their mother. But can she not think of what kind of dangers awaits her daughters neighbors in Gaza, if IDF tries to rescue them? And this is an open minded Israeli with a Palestinian husband. How many more Palestinians have to die for Popok to get her daughters back?

  2. Peter D
    January 23, 2009, 12:26 am

    Come on, Mohammad, the woman is just frustrated and depressed, give her a break.

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