Once more into the breech, Michael Oren!

The New Republic seems to depend on former IDF soldiers for more of its Israel coverage than just about anyone else. Benny Morris, Jeffrey Goldberg. And here is Michael Oren, today, on the ground in Gaza, fresh from the thinktank, spitting out an eyeball to tell us how it feels to be in close combat with Islamists (no I didn't read the thing; I'm visualizing). I gather the reservist was also on Fareed Zakaria today, in camo. When are anti-Zionists going to get some of these career opportunities?

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  1. Snoopdog says:

    You forgot Ed! That guy is clearly pure Hasbara . . .

  2. Ed? Good grief – perfectly disguised as a wooden headed paleocon! I would never have suspected!

  3. Watcher says:

    "Snoopdog" is also Bill Pearlman.

  4. blowback says:

    how it feels to be in close combat with Islamists

    Oren would no doubt shit himself if confronted by a Hamas fighter.

  5. samuelburke says:

    link to juancole.com

    Israel's political tradition seeks expansion if possible; if not possible, it seeks a balance of power with its enemies. If that is not possible, it seeks to be held harmless from its avowed foes. If that is not possible, it is willing to wage total war to punish the enemy population until it accepts at least a cold peace. (I mean by "total war" war on the civilian population in which the guerrilla group is embedded, as for instance dropping a million cluster bombs on the farms of south Lebanon in 2006 or half-starving Gazan children in 2007-2008, methods illegal in international law but routinely deployed by Israeli leaders and defended by most Zionists everywhere.) Where necessary, Israel is willing to give up territorial expansion to get the cold peace.

    i hope americans wake up one day…and see israel for the shittly little hell hole that it is.

  6. Jim Haygood says:

    Jeez, read it, Phil. It's practically a confession –

    'I am far beyond reserve age (two of my post-army kids are waiting for their call-ups), but have remained in the ranks because of my familiarity with the foreign press. Though I'll soon be signing off on a weapon and body armor, more efficaciously, I'll check out the maps, photographs, and statistic charts designed to reinforce Israel's case in the media. Such accoutrements can be as crucial as any tank on today's battlefield, where victory may hinge as much on individual valor as on a collective image on TV. And, with all due deference to Hamas's fighters, journalists often pose a more formidable challenge.'

    As they say in Israel … 'Hasbara is mightier than the sword.'

    Or to put it in different terms — with Michael Oren on the case, nothing we see in the MSM can be taken at face value.

    He's a good man, lyin' for his country. May the truth prevail.

  7. Eva Smagacz says:


  8. Jim Haygood says:

    As much as it has delegitimized Israel, the Gaza massacre has been even more effective in demolishing the last slender reed of credibility which the U.S. Lamestream Media once had.

    The MSM's PR flacks and puff-piece scribblers shamelessly print tendentious Israeli propaganda, some of it straight from our own pwned government.

    Pray that the lapdog MSM doesn't get its razor teeth into the TARP slush fund, as our courageous Soviet banking, auto and steel industry comrades already have done.

    We pay for our own oppression in the form of 'Click It or Ticket' threats and dark Partnership For a Drug-Free America invocations of piss-test fascism. Who needs publicly-subsidized Soviet broadsheets, rolling off the presses straight into the pulp mills, for re-export to China. We could at least wrap fish in them, but the oceans are all fished out.

    Garbage in, garbage out, as the saying goes.

  9. Richard Witty says:

    So much ANTI Phil.

    What are you for?

  10. Richard Witty says:

    link to haaretz.com

    Sarkozy: Hamas to blame for Gaza suffering
    By Reuters
    Tags: gaza, israel news, israel

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy told three Lebanese newspapers that Hamas bore "a heavy responsibility for the sufferings of the Palestinian people" and that its rocket attacks had to stop.

    Sarkozy's comments will be published on Monday, the same day he arrives in Israel as part of the French and European effort to broker a cease-fire to end the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

  11. Richard Witty says:

    link to haaretz.com

    Livni rejects Russian offer to pass messages on to Hamas
    By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent
    Tags: Hamas, Israel News

    Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on Sunday rejected an offer by a Russian envoy to contact Hamas via Russia in order to reach a cease-fire with the Palestinian militant group in Gaza.

    "We are serious in our intention to harm Hamas and we have no intention to give them legitimize them and pass messages on to them. We have nothing to discuss with Hamas," Livni told Alexander Saltanov, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev's special envoy to the Middle East.

  12. Richard Witty says:

    link to haaretz.com

    WATCH: Amid Gaza violence, Israeli and Palestinian doctors save baby's life
    By Israel21c
    Tags: Israel News, Hamas, Gaza

    As rockets rained down in Israel and Gaza, doctors from both sides united in a successful bid to keep a two-week-old Palestinian baby boy alive.

  13. Joshua says:

    I'm sure we all read Ha'aretz here. We're well aware of the reality and the spin. The shitty part is we comment and post and have our views about it and it nary makes a difference. Sarkozy thinks saying Hamas is to blame will lead to a ceasefire? Talk about inverted reality. Death is getting perverse.

    As difficult as it may be to read, Phil seems to be FOR more anti-Zionists to have a voice here. Not just post-Zionists, proto-Zionists, ultra-Zionists, sado-Zionists and fuck-me-Zionists. Nothing from Palestinians (except on independent circuits).

    It seems you have to pass the test in order to get a chance to get an op-ed here: blame Hamas. Yay! That gets things rolling.

  14. Joshua says:

    Memo to Livni:

    Israel observed a ceasefire already with Hamas. Stupid. I guess that didn't "legitimise" them since it was used to augur a surprise attack on them.

    Now you're stuck with a scorched-earth policy: kill them all. We're bound for purgatory in Gaza. The burning will only ferment more horror.

  15. LanceThruster says:

    Oren co-wrote a worthless Op-Ed piece in today's LA Times.

    They should give the space to Dr. Norman Finkelstein who's shown just how fast and loose Oren is with the facts.

  16. Arie Brand says:

    " … how it feels to be in combat with Islamists"

    Here is a snippet on how it feels to be on the receiving end of Israeli weaponry, by a Norwegian surgeon:

    "They have bombed the central vegetables market in Gaza, two hours ago. 80 injured, 20 killed. They are all coming here to Shifa (hospital in Gaza). Hades (Hell).We are bathing here in blood, deaths, and amputations. Many children, pregnant women.I have never seen such misery. Now we are hearing tanks. Tell others, send this to others, shout it out, DO SOMETHING. "

    link to zaplog.nl

  17. Jim Haygood says:

    Eva's game of ahistorical projection continues!
    In photo A the individuals were about to be murdered. In photo B they're about to have their passports returned.
    What on earth did your parents/grandparents do to Jews to make you so guiltily obsessed?

  18. Look at this hypocritical phony mindwar crap from the fake Jim. Phil's inability to run an honest comments section is why I have un-bookmarked it. This blog is a set-up, like most jewish blogs – like the disgustingly loaded and manipulative Syria Comment by Joshua Landis, though that at least is professionally staffed (by jewish spooks) – nothing more than a tool of provocation and entrapment. To hell with it, OK?

  19. Glenn Condell says:

    'Phil's inability to run an honest comments section is why I have un-bookmarked it. This blog is a set-up, like most jewish blogs'

    You have unbookmarked it but you keep showing up. Look Rowan, I get annoyed by it too – God knows how Jim must feel. But let's leave Phil out of it. He is posting so much I worry if he gets any sleep; plus he has a day job and a novel in train; you can't expect him to micro-manage comments too. I am thankful for what we get.

    If there is a software solution to the pest problem, let's find it and chip in to buy it for Phil. Hell, I'll pay for it.

    You can then bookmark the place again.

  20. well, don't piss on me. It's his site software that is enabling criminal impersonation and ID theft. I don't care if he's effin tired, he has a responsibility.

  21. Watcher says:

    Here is the pest problem:

    Since 1-1-09 through 1-5-09 (so far), SOG (Sword Of Gideonthepoint, real name Bill Pearlman) has commented in the real name of Jim Haygood 44 times; the real name of Charles Keating 4 times; the real name of Eva Smagacz one time; anyone who regularly
    visits this blog should trust their gut about the real source of Bill's
    abnormally infantile comments. His vulgar personal attacks, displays of grand ignorance etc during these first few days of the new year have also come under the guise of "Steve r/R"
    –8 times; "Dror"–2 times; "Swords, etc"–2 times; "David"–5 times; "America–1 time; "American"–2 times; "Journalist"–8 times; "Gary 'Gaz'"–4 times; "A blogger from Lebaanon"–2 times.

    link to sourcewatch.org