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Today I put Adam Horowitz's email next to mine in the About page so readers can contact him too. Adam and I are trying to make a go of this site together. We're going to professionalize the site: at some point we'll have a new design that's more of a news page, with stronger posts staying high on the page. I'm going to start sharing the $-contributions with him and we're going to try to raise money together. We're going to try and be even more of a clearinghouse for dissident voices who are pressuring Obama from the left and center-left and realist-right. We're going to continue to reach out to Arab and Muslim voices here, and to young people, but also maintain something of the personal flavor. Our models are Dailykos, TPM, Tomdispatch, and Electronic intifada. I'll do further updates when there's anything solid to report.      –Phil Weiss

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Adam Horowitz is Co-Editor of Mondoweiss.net.

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