Zionists use the violence to revive ’48 model: ethnic cleansing

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Robert Fisk says 600 Palestinian dead in a week represents "atrocity on the level of the Balkan wars of the 1990s." He's on to something. The unkillable neocons are looking at the same violence and of course blaming Hamas and saying the Palestinians shouldn't get a state. John Bolton is given space in the Washington Post to say two states are over, there's just a three-state solution: Egypt, Jordan, and Israel. Netanyahu is sure to say this next. This is simply a variation on the neocons' plans that George Packer described in Assassins' Gate: everybody move over one; Jordanian Hashemites take Iraq, Palestinians take Jordan. Of course no one is drawing the West Bank borders; when they do we will see good old ethnic cleansing. 

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