Killing of 3 top Palestinian footballers in Gaza has helped unite Palestinian community

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Yesterday I met two Arab intellectuals, Mustapha Tlili and Ambassador Clovis Maksoud, during a taping for Press TV and was struck afresh by how upset the Arab world is over Gaza. I don't think this is fully understood in the States. But the Palestinian community has been brought together by that rage; that is the significance of the Cairo talks to make a unity government. Further evidence: Here is MIFTAH, a Palestinian democracy site, associated with Hanan Ashrawi. And here is writer Nadia Awad criticizing the international athletes who denounced the decision by a Dubai tennis tournament to deny a visa to Israeli player Shahar Peer in the wake of Gaza:

[W]hat we have here is just another example of double standards – one
standard for Israelis, but another standard completely for
Palestinians. Did any of these newspapers, athletes, and sport channel
executives say anything when Israel bombed the headquarters of the
Palestinian Football Association, built partially with funds from the
Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA)? The facility,
which housed the men and women’s football teams, now lies in ruins.
What about when Israeli air strikes destroyed sports clubs and youth
organization headquarters? What about when three top Palestinian
football players in the prime of their careers were killed in their
homes in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead?
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