Report: Zinni ambassadorship ixnayed by Israel lobby

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Another ex-CIA guy. Philip Giraldi, writing at American Conservative blog, on a report that good Anthony Zinni was to be named Ambassador to Iraq, and shook Hillary's hand on that, till the lobby reared its hydra heads:

I have been informed by a State Department contact that Zinni was
rejected after Clinton came under pressure from some major supporters
in New York State who told her that the appointment was unacceptable to
Israel because Zinni is perceived as “hostile” to the Jewish
state.  Zinni has, indeed, been critical of Israel on a number of
occasions.  Another source in the intelligence community has told me
that Zinni was perceived as bad for Israel’s security because Israel
regards Iraq as a “front line state” in its confrontation with Iran. 
If Israel were to attack Iran it would need overflight approval over
Iraq, something that Zinni would be unlikely to approve, possibly even
submitting his resignation to stop such a development.
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