The war in Gaza: ‘the first ever war crime broadcast live on TV with the whole world watching’

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The drumbeat accusing Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza continues to grow louder. Above is an investigation of war crimes in Gaza that Al Jazeera English is using to launch it's new weekly show, Focus On Gaza. Yesterday Amnesty International's accused Israel of committing war crimes using US weapons. Today Raji Sourani, director of the Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights, talks to about the Center's legal strategy for holding Israel accountable:

bitterlemons: Are you hopeful that anyone will be brought to justice?

Sourani: Of course. We have to be optimistic. We are aware that the US provides full legal and political cover for Israel; we know Europe is part of a conspiracy of silence; we know Europe is even providing excuses for Israel's war, calling it a "defensive" war. But we also know that this was the first ever war crime broadcast live on TV with the whole world watching. And we know that what happened to our people was unjustified, unfair and illegal. We are not going to be good victims and stay quiet, and we are not going to give up.

We have no right to forget or forgive. One day, the situation will change. Do Jews have the right to prosecute Nazi war criminals? Of course. Do we have a right to prosecute Israeli war criminals? Of course.

I want Israeli military commanders to face justice. They seem proud of what they have done. If they can defend themselves, let them stand in a court of law and do just that.

Both Amnesty and Sourani make sure to point out the US's complicity in Gaza. It is being reported that the US will contribute $900 million to help rebuild Gaza. Will they contribute some political will as well? (Adam Horowitz)

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