Chomsky: I’ve been for one-state all my life, but we need two states first

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In this interview with Amy Goodman, Noam Chomsky points out that a great contribution of Jimmy Carter's "bitterly-condemned" book was to publish Israel's many exceptions to the Road Map, including no stop to settlement construction and so forth. Also that the U.S. and Israel impose on Hamas conditions that we don't observe (renounce violence, recognition of the other, accept the road map). And Chomsky concludes with an endorsement of the Arab peace initiative and of the Clinton parameters of 2001.

Chomsky: Nobody supports—I mean, you can talk about a one-state solution, if
you want. I think a better solution is a no-state solution. But this is
pie in the sky. If you’re really in favor of a one-state solution,
which in fact I’ve been all my life—accept a bi-national state, not one
state—you have to give a path to get from here to there. Otherwise,
it’s just talk. Now, the only path anyone has ever proposed… is through two states as the first stage.
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