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Writes a friend:

Mort Zuckerman, publisher of the Daily News and editor of U.S. News, goes on to Huffington Post to complain about media bias against Israel: "The Story You Aren't Hearing About Israel." But the incident he leads with didn't happen in Israel. It happened in the Occupied Territories. Zuckerman:
you hear about the two policemen who stopped to help a driver stuck
with a flat–and were shot to death in the head at point-blank range?
you know about the 120-kilogram bomb planted in a parking lot adjacent
to a shopping mall where thousands of people were milling about the
stores, restaurants, and movie theaters?
No, of course, you
didn't. These are just two everyday incidents of the ordeal confronted
by people in Israel while the world and the political leaders look away.
The shooting took place near Jericho in the occupied West Bank, the bombing in Haifa.

"The policemen died because Israel eased restrictions on movement in the Nablus area of the West Bank. "

They died because of the occupation — the one  Zuck refuses to
mention. Do a search of the piece. You won't find the word occupation,
or occupied. Gotta wait till the comments start.

"Ordinary Israelis despair of the cruel bias." 
What–the bias that doesn't bother telling US readers that the West Bank, which by the way Zuckerman describes in biblical terms as Judea and Samaria, is occupied and not part of Israel?
Also look how sophisticated he is;  he thinks Gazans are Shiites:
"Even the lure of billions of dollars in aid has not brought Fatah Sunnis in Judea and Samaria, i.e., the West Bank, any closer to Shiite supporters of Hamas in Gaza."
Most Palestinians are Sunnis, Hamas included.

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