Press can’t say it, but a blogger can (Jane Harman’s Jewish)

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The front-page story in the Times yesterday on the Jane Harman allegations didn't say that she's Jewish. Neither does CQ, which broke the story. Chris Matthews didn't say she's Jewish in his report last night–though he's always talking about the Irish Catholics–and neither did Robert Siegel on NPR. I bet Andrea Mitchell didn't either.

Jane Harman's Jewish. There, I just said it. That's why we have the blogosphere. Any intelligent person discussing this story at dinner is going to mention that she's Jewish. That's because Alan Dershowitz said that supporting Israel is the "secular religion" of American Jews. And because Walt and Mearsheimer point out that Jewish-Americans play a prominent part in the Israel lobby.

There are plenty of American Jews who don't support Israel. Some anyway. But they don't get into Congress for some reason. And they very rarely get published in the Forward. I can't think of a time, actually. The orthodoxy within the Jewish community is just as Dershowitz reported. We [heart] Israel.

Can you imagine if a leading evangelical politician was allegedly mixed up in a shady deal involving pressuring the White House on gay rights, and the papers didn't mention his religion? I can't. Do you think it's possible to talk about the power of the Israel lobby, which is what the Harman leak is about, at bottom, without talking about religion in American life? And without Jewish reporters talking about the religious orthodoxy they're familiar with? No. Heck, Wolf Blitzer, who did this story on CNN yesterday (and I bet left out the religious angle), used to work at AIPAC. Does Judaism/Israel matter to him? Oh and how many Jews are in Congress and the media? Just because you talk about this doesn't make you Ahmadinejad.
Thanks to James North for the idea. He says that the late David Halberstam used to say that one problem with journalism is that it causes a writer to act stupid, to leave out stuff he knows to be true. And this is why, North says, people are turning to the blogosphere: they want to know what smart people really think.

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  1. Me
    April 22, 2009, 11:38 am

    Indeed, it would be unthinkabkle that the press wouldn't mention religious and/or ethnic details in similar stories with influence-peddling.

    They all propagate the bullshit theory that, if the masses learn about the treasonous behaviour of individual Jews, there would be progroms again. That's wrong, most of us have learned not to apply collective punishment. Plus, we understand why Jews like Harman et al act that way, because their parents and religious figures indoctrinated them with "You must always help the Jews, because everybode else hates us". But that doesn't make their actions less treacherous.

  2. 5 dancing shlomos
    April 22, 2009, 11:49 am

    diseased thinking creating diseased minds. passed from generation to generation

  3. doug
    April 22, 2009, 11:57 am

    Can you imagine if a leading evangelical politician was allegedly mixed up in a shady deal involving pressuring the White House on gay rights, and the papers didn't mention his religion? I can't.

    There are two major differences.

    1. The media is generally supportive of gay rights. One is naturally protective of what one supports.

    2. There is little percieved risk that fundamentalist Christians will be rounded up and gassed. That this fear is nuts doesn't change the worry this will come to pass. It is widely extant in the Jewish community. The liberal Jewish community looks at Rush Limbaugh and shivers at what could happen.

    The immune response from the Shoah is understood by media elites. But none of this changes the disparate approach.

  4. Citizen
    April 22, 2009, 12:17 pm

    So the invisible elephant in the room goes merrily on its way, dragging all of us with it. Nice.

  5. Mooser
    April 22, 2009, 12:33 pm

    " The liberal Jewish community looks at Rush Limbaugh and shivers at what could happen."

    What the hell is that supposed to mean? Who has been so much as hissed at on Limbaugh's orders? Did you notice his profound effect on the last election?

  6. ...
    April 22, 2009, 12:40 pm

    phil.. thanks for stating what is obvious to all while giving some rationale for it as well… the mainstream media is not up to the job of being level with it's viewers.. it seems more intent on playing a role of quasi propaganda outlet…

  7. American
    April 22, 2009, 12:52 pm

    I am sure most people assumed she was a jew if they didn't know it already. Despite the MSM trying to never mention the Jews in any scandal…especially involving Israel.

    But hell, we all know that the Jews are a problem for America. Sound like anti semitism? Well who cares any more.

    Here's the jewish community's guilt. They don't all agree with or support the zionist and Israeli fanactics…BUT…the majority of their community provides them the cover. BECAUSE…they as a group still hold onto and demand those 'special rights as jews"…the right to put Israel first, the right to never be criticized, the right use this country for Israel's benefit, the right to slur and slander patriotic Americans, the right to justify and excuse betrayals,stealing, spying,lying, genocide, every crime their fellow Jews commit becuase…drum roll please….."Whaaaaa, every jews is a victims! the holocuast!, the terrors!, the world owes us!, forever!, ad nausum…. NO MATTER what it does to this country or to the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS or ANYONE ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD.

    Well, the jewish community better take a leaf out of Phil's book and get over themselves. It's gone on too long, they better clean up their own zionist and jewish sickness or be back on the international interstate looking for a new hiddle hole to infiltrate.

    link to

    Mole Hunt

    An expert on U.S.–Israeli relations reveals details from his recent visit with the FBI.

    Jason Vest and Laura Rozen | September 3, 2004 | web only

    In May, Stephen Green was hard at work campaigning for a seat in Vermont's House of Representatives when he got a phone call. The last person the 64-year-old former United Nations official, then preoccupied with health-care policy issues, expected to hear from was an FBI agent, who asked if he could come to Washington to chat with him about the history of Israeli espionage efforts against the United States.

    As the author of two books on U.S.-Israeli relations, Green knew something about the subject. Still, the phone call seemed to come out of the blue. Green quickly discovered, however, that the FBI had a keen interest in the subject. Federal agents were involved in an investigation into an alleged Israeli "mole" in the office of Douglas Feith, the under secretary of defense for policy.

    Early reports suggested that the FBI had wiretap evidence that a veteran Iran analyst working in Feith's office at the Defense Intelligence Agency, Larry Franklin, may have passed a classified draft of a National Security Presidential Directive on Iran to an official working for the pro-Israel lobbying organization, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Members of the organization, in turn, were said to have passed the document on to Israel. (AIPAC officials strongly deny the accusations.)

    But as Green spoke with investigators, he realized the agents were investigating far more than Franklin.

    "Larry Franklin's name never came up, but several others did," he said.

    Green, as the FBI agents knew, had a special expertise in the field of Israeli espionage in the United States. In the 1980s, he had taken time off from his job at the UN to look into the U.S.–Israeli "special relationship." He spent years combing through public records, filing and litigating Freedom of Information Act requests, and tracking down current and retired government officials. He eventually wrote two books, Taking Sides: America's Secret Relations With Israel and Living By The Sword: America and Israel in the Middle East. The Times of London and Foreign Affairs commended his work, describing it as "praised by those who believe the United States has damaged its own security, and Israel's too, by uncritical and often secret support of Israel's actions, no matter how extreme." Yet, as Foreign Affairs reported, Green's work also caused "sputter[ing] with indignation" among "those who believe… that American and Israeli interests are identical."

    Green returned to the UN in 1990 and followed the subject from there. Earlier this year, he published a piece in the newsletter CounterPunch, recapping previously reported — though long-forgotten — government investigations of prominent neoconservatives for their suspected espionage or improper information-sharing with Israel. And that's where the FBI comes in.

    According to the FBI agents who contacted Green, as he recounts, the article had come to their attention when one of Green's sources — a retired national security official they were interviewing — shared it with them.

    And so on June 22, Green found himself sitting across an oval-shaped conference table from two FBI agents at an undisclosed northern Virginia venue. The meeting lasted nearly four hours.

    "They were extraordinarily well-informed; it was apparent they've been at this for awhile," Green says. "I asked them if there was a current reason for them asking questions about things that go back over 30 years, and they sort of looked at each other and said, 'Yes, it's a present issue,' but wouldn't say specifically what. Though they did ask very specific questions about one individual in particular."

    Green said the agents asked about several current or former Pentagon officials such as Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Michael Ledeen, and Stephen Bryen.

    "The tenor of their questions was such that it defined where these people were in terms of the nature of their focus," Green says. "They also asked about a couple other Office of Special Plans people, including Harold Rhode. Ironically, about the only name that didn't come up was Larry Franklin."

    Regardless of the status of the investigation, something seemed a bit fishy. After all, Israel — one of the United States' closest allies, with deep support in the Bush Administration and especially at the Defense Department — hardly needs a Pentagon-embedded spy to get access to interagency debates about U.S. policy to Iran, as observers have pointed out. And compared with the information on arms shipments that former US Navy analyst Jonathan Pollard passed on to Israel in the 1980s, a draft of a document about U.S. policy toward Iran would hardly seem like the crown jewels.

    Yet, as Newsweek has reported, Franklin had come to the FBI's attention a year and a half ago, when he walked in on a lunch with an Israeli diplomat and an AIPAC lobbyist, both of whom were under FBI surveillance for a year. In addition, Newsweek reported that when news of the investigation surfaced, Franklin had already been cooperating with the FBI for several weeks and had reportedly led FBI agents to those who may have received information from him.

    The previous FBI investigation came into focus only on September 1, when The Washington Post reported that for two years, the FBI has conducted a counterintelligence investigation into whether AIPAC has forwarded “highly classified materials from the National Security Agency . . . to Israel.” The Post piece describes Franklin's alleged role as merely “coincidental” to the larger FBI probe of alleged intelligence-passing through AIPAC to Israel.

    Both AIPAC and Tel Aviv vehemently deny any wrongdoing. And indeed, the Israeli diplomat who acknowledges meeting with Franklin and AIPAC — Naor Gilon, the Israeli embassy's No. 3 official and a specialist on Iran's nuclear program — returned to Washington on August 29 from a summer vacation in Israel. He admits that he met with Franklin, but insists he's done nothing wrong.

    A source familiar with the investigation told The American Prospect that when news of the investigation broke, the Justice Department had been preparing a request to the State Department to have an Israeli diplomat — by implication Gilon — declared persona non grata for allegedly having received classified U.S. intelligence from AIPAC sources."

    Everyone should read Stephen Green's ' Serving two Flags' ..everyone knows who is spying for Israel but the jewish zionist in congress in other offices and in political money prevent charges from ever coming to a point where they can be prsoecuted.

    Dr. Stephen Bryen and Colleagues

    In April of 1979, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Robert Keuch recommended in writing that Bryen, then a staff member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, undergo a grand jury hearing to establish the basis for a prosecution for espionage. John Davitt, then Chief of the Justice Department's Internal Security Division, concurred.

    The evidence was strong. Bryen had been overheard in the Madison Hotel Coffee Shop, offering classified documents to an official of the Israeli Embassy in the presence of the director of AIPAC, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee. It was later determined that the Embassy official was Zvi Rafiah, the Mossad station chief in Washington. Bryen refused to be poly-graphed by the FBI on the purpose and details of the meeting; whereas the person who'd witnessed it agreed to be poly-graphed and passed the test.

    The Bureau also had testimony from a second person, a staff member of the Foreign Relations Committee, that she had witnessed Bryen in his Senate office with Rafiah, discussing classified documents that were spread out on a table in front of an open safe in which the documents were supposed to be secured. Not long after this second witness came forward, Bryen's fingerprints were found on classified documents he'd stated in writing to the FBI he'd never had in his possession….the ones he'd allegedly offered to Rafiah.

    Nevertheless, following the refusal of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to grant access by Justice Department officials to files which were key to the investigation, Keuch's recommendation for a grand jury hearing, and ultimately the investigation itself, were shut down. This decision, taken by Philip Heymann, Chief of Justice's Criminal Division, was a bitter disappointment to Davitt and to Joel Lisker, the lead investigator on the case, as expressed to this writer. A complicating factor in the outcome was that Heymann was a former schoolmate and fellow U.S. Supreme Court Clerk of Bryen's attorney, Nathan Lewin.

    Bryen was asked to resign from his Foreign Relations Committee post shortly before the investigation was concluded in late 1979. For the following year and a half, he served as Executive Director of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), and provided consulting services to AIPAC.

    In April, 1981, the FBI received an application by the Defense Department for a Top Secret security clearance for Dr. Bryen . Richard Perle, who had just been nominated as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, was proposing Bryen as his Deputy Assistant Secretary! Within six months, with Perle pushing hard, Bryen received both Top Secret-SCI (sensitive compartmented information) and Top Secret-"NATO/COSMIC" clearances.

    Loyalty, Patriotism and Character

    The Bryen investigation became in fact the most contentious issue in Perle's own confirmation hearings in July, 1981. Under aggressive questioning from Sen. Jeremiah Denton, Perle held his ground: "I consider Dr. Bryen to be an individual impeccable integrity….I have the highest confidence in [his] loyalty, patriotism and character."

    Several years later in early 1988, Israel was in the final stages of development of a prototype of its ground based "Arrow" anti-ballistic missile. One element the program lacked was "klystrons", small microwave amplifiers which are critical components in the missile's high frequency, radar-based target acquisition system which locks on to in-coming missiles. In 1988, klystrons were among the most advanced developments in American weapons research, and their export was of course strictly proscribed.

    The DOD office involved in control of defense technology exports was the Defense Technology Security Administration (DTSA) within Richard Perle's ISP office. The Director (and founder) of DTSA was Perle's Deputy, Dr. Stephen Bryen. In May of 1988, Bryen sent a standard form to Richard Levine, a Navy tech transfer official, informing him of intent to approve a license for Varian Associates, Inc. of Beverly, Massachusetts to export to Israel four klystrons. This was done without the usual consultations with the tech transfer officials of the Army and Air Force, or ISA (International Security Affairs) or DSAA (Defense Security Assistance Agency.

    The answer from Levine was "no". He opposed granting the license, and asked for a meeting on the matter of the appropriate (above listed) offices. At the meeting, all of the officials present opposed the license. Bryen responded by suggesting that he go back to the Israelis to ask why these particular items were needed for their defense. Later, after the Israeli Government came back with what one DOD staffer described as "a little bullshit answer", Bryen simply notified the meeting attendees that an acceptable answer had been received, the license granted, and the klystrons released.

    By now, however, the dogs were awake. Then Assistant Secretary of Defense for ISA, (and now Deputy Secretary of State) Richard Armitage sent Dr. Bryen a letter stating that the State Department (which issues the export licenses) should be informed of DOD's "uniformly negative" reaction to the export of klystrons to Israel. Bryen did as instructed , and the license was withdrawn.

    In July, Varian Associates became the first U.S. corporation formally precluded from contracting with the Defense Department. Two senior colleague in DOD who wish to remain anonymous have confirmed that this attempt by Bryen to obtain klystrons for his friends was not unusual, and was in fact "standard operating procedure" for him, recalling numerous instances when U.S. companies were denied licenses to export sensitive technology, only to learn later that Israeli companies subsequently exported similar (U.S. derived) weapons and technology to the intended customers/governments.

    In late1988, Bryen resigned from his DOD post, and for a period worked in the
    private sector with a variety of defense technology consulting firms.

    Bryen and the China Commission

    In 1997, "Defense Week" reported (05/27/97) that, …." the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence reaffirmed that U.S.- derived technology from the cancelled [Israeli] Lavi fighter project is being used on China's new F-10 fighter." The following year, "Jane's Intelligence Review" reported (11/01/98) the transfer by Israel to China of the Phalcon airborne early warning and control system, the Python air-combat missile, and the F-10 fighter aircraft, containing "state-of-the-art U.S. electronics."

    Concern about the continuing transfer of advanced U.S. arms technology to the burgeoning Chinese military program led, in the last months of the Clinton Administration, to the creation of a Congressional consultative body called the United States-China Economic and Security Review Commission. The charter for the "The China Commission", as it is commonly known, states that its purpose is to…."monitor, investigate, and report to the Congress on the national security implications of the bilateral trade and economic relationship between the United States and the Peoples Republic of China." The charter also reflects an awareness of the problem of "back door" technology leaks: "The Commission shall also take into account patterns of trade and transfers through third countries to the extent practicable."

    It was almost predictable that in the new Bush Administration, Dr. Stephen Bryen would find his way to the China Commission. In April 2001, with the support of Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Senator Richard Shelby (R-Alabama) Bryen was appointed a Member of the Commission by Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert. Last August, his appointment was extended through December of 2005.

    Informed that Bryen had been appointed to the Commission, the reaction of one former
    senior FBI counter-intelligence official was: "My God, that must mean he has a "Q
    clearance!" (A "Q" clearance, which must be approved by the Department of Energy, is the designation for a Top Secret codeword clearance to access nuclear technology.)

    Michael Ledeen, Consultant on Chaos

    If Stephen Bryen is the military technology guru in the neo-con pantheon, Michael Ledeen is currently its leading theorist, historian, scholar and writer. It states in the website of his consulting firm, Benador Associates, that he is "…one of the world's leading authorities on intelligence, contemporary history and international affairs" and that…."As Ted Koppel puts it, 'Michael Ledeen is a Renaissance man….in the tradition of Machiavelli.'" Perhaps the following will add some color and texture to this description.

    In 1983, on the recommendation of Richard Perle, Ledeen was hired at the Department of Defense as a consultant on terrorism. His immediate supervisor was the Principle Assistant Secretary for International Security Affairs, Noel Koch. Early in their work together, Koch noticed with concern Ledeen's habit of stopping by in his (Koch's) outer office to read classified materials. When the two of them took a trip to Italy, Koch learned from the CIA station there that when Ledeen had lived in Rome previously, as correspondent for The New Republic, he'd been carried in Agency files as an agent of influence of a foreign government: Israel.

    Some time after their return from the trip, Ledeen approached his boss with a request for his assistance in obtaining two highly classified CIA reports which he said were held by the FBI. He'd hand written on a piece of paper the identifying "alpha numeric designators". These identifiers were as highly classified as the reports themselves….which raised in Koch's mind the question of who had provided them to Ledeen if he hadn't the clearances to obtain them himself. Koch immediately told his executive assistant that Ledeen was to have no further access to classified materials in the office, and Ledeen just ceased coming to "work".

    In early 1986, however, Koch learned that Ledeen had joined NSC as a consultant, and sufficiently concerned about the internal security implications of the behavior of his former aide, arranged to be interviewed by two FBI agents on the matter. After a two hour debriefing, Koch was told that it was only Soviet military intelligence penetration that interested the Bureau. The follow-on interviews that were promised by the agents just never occurred.

    Koch thought this strange, coming as it did just months after the arrest of Naval intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard on charges of espionage for Israel. Frustrated, Koch wrote up in detail the entire saga of Ledeen's DOD consultancy, and sent it to the Office of Senator Charles Grassley, then a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which had oversight responsibility for, inter alia, the FBI.

    A former senior FBI counter-intelligence official was surprised and somewhat skeptical, when told of Koch's unsuccessful attempts to interest the Bureau in an investigation of Ledeen, noting that in early 1986, the Justice Department was in fact already engaged in several on-going, concurrent investigations of Israeli espionage and theft of American military technology.

    Machiavelli in Tel Aviv

    Koch's belated attempts to draw official attention to his former assistant were too late, in any event, for within a very few weeks of leaving his DOD consultancy in late 1984, Ledeen had found gainful (classified) employment at the National Security Council (NSC). In fact, according to a now declassified chronology prepared for the Senate/House Iran-
    Contra investigation, within calendar 1984 Ledeen was already suggesting to Oliver North, his new boss at NSC…." that Israeli contacts might be useful in obtaining release of the U.S. hostages in Lebanon." Perhaps significantly, that is the first entry in the "Chronology of Events: U.S.- Iran Dialogue", dated November 18,1986, prepared for the Joint House-Senate Hearings in the Iran-Contra Investigations.

    What is so striking about the Ledeen-related documents which are part of the Iran-Contra Collection of the National Security Archive, is how thoroughly the judgements of Ledeen's colleagues at NSC mirrored, and validated, Noel Koch's internal security concerns about his consultant.

    – on April 9, 1985, NSC Middle East analyst Donald Fortier wrote to National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane that NSC staffers were agreed that Ledeen's role in the scheme should be limited to carrying messages to Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres regarding plans to cooperate with Israel on the crisis within Iran, and specifically that he should not be entrusted to ask Peres for detailed operational information;

    – on June 6, 1985, Secretary of State George Shultz wrote to McFarlane that, "Israel's record of dealings with Iran since the fall of the Shah and during the hostage crisis [show] that Israel's agenda is not the same as ours. Consequently doubt whether an intelligence relationship such as what Ledeen has in mind would be one which we could fully rely upon and it could seriously skew our own perception and analysis of the Iranian scene."

    – on 20 August, 1985, the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense informed Ledeen by memorandum that his security clearance had been downgraded from Top Secret-SCI to Secret.

    – on 16 January, 1986, Oliver North recommended to John Poindexter "for [the] security of the Iran initiative" that Ledeen be asked to take periodic polygraph examinations.

    – later in January, on the 24th, North wrote to Poindexter of his suspicion that Ledeen, along with Adolph Schwimmer and Manucher Ghorbanifar, might be making money personally on the sale of arms to Iran, through Israel.

    During the June 23-25, 1987 joint hearings of the House and Senate select committees' investigation of Iran-Contra, Noel Koch testified that he became suspicious when he learned that the price which Ledeen had negotiated for the sale to the Israeli Government of basic TOW missiles was $2,500 each.

    Upon inquiring with his DOD colleagues, he learned the lowest price the U.S. had ever received for the sale of TOWs to a foreign government had been a previous sale to Israel for $6,800 per copy. Koch, professing in his testimony that he and his colleagues at DOD were not in favor of the sale to begin with, determined that he–Koch–should renegotiate the $2,500 price so that it could be defended by the "defense management system." In a clandestine meeting on a Sunday in the first class lounge of the TWA section of National Airport, Koch met over a cup of coffee with an official from the Israeli purchasing mission in New York, and agreed on a price of $4,500 per missile, nearly twice what Ledeen had "negotiated" in Israel.

    There are two possibilities here–one would be a kickback, as suspected by his NSC colleagues, and the other would be that Michael Ledeen was effectively negotiating for Israel, not the U.S.

    Like his friend Stephen Bryen (they've long served together on the JINSA Board of Advisors) Ledeen has been out of government service since the late1980s….until the present Bush Administration. He, like Bryen, is presently a serving member on the China Commission and, with the support of DOD Undersecretary for Policy Douglas Feith, he
    has since 2001 been employed as a consultant for the Office of Special Plans OSP). Both involve the handling of classified materials and require high-level security clearances.

    The Principals: Perle, Wolfowitz and Feith

    One might wonder how, with security histories like these, Messrs. Bryen and Ledeen have managed to get second and third chances to return to government in highly classified positions.

    And the explanation is that they, along with other like-minded neo-conservatives, have in the current Bush Administration friends in very high places. In particular, Bryen and Ledeen have been repeatedly boosted into defense/security posts by former Defense Policy Council member and chairman Richard Perle (he just quietly resigned his position), Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith.

    As previously mentioned, Perle in 1981 as DOD Assistant Secretary for International Security Policy (ISP) hired Bryen as his Deputy. That same year, Wolfowitz as head of the State Department Policy Planning Staff hired Ledeen as a Special Advisor. In 2001 Douglas Feith as DOD Under Secretary for Policy hired, or approved the hiring of Ledeen as a consultant for the Office of Special Plans.

    The principals have also assisted each other down through the years. Frequently. In 1973 Richard Perle used his (and Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson's) influence as a senior staff member of the Senate Armed Services Committee to help Wolfowitz obtain a job with the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency. In 1982, Perle hired Feith in ISP as his Special Counsel, and then as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Negotiations Policy. In 2001, DOD Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz helped Feith obtain his appointment as Undersecretary for Policy. Feith then appointed Perle as Chairman of the Defense Policy Board. In some cases, this mutual assistance carries risks, as for instance when Perle's hiring of Bryen as his Deputy in ISP became an extremely contentious issue in Perle's own Senate appointment hearings as Assistant Secretary.

    Every appointment/hiring listed above involved classified work for which high-level security clearances and associated background checks by the FBI were required. When the level of the clearance is not above generic Top Secret, however, the results of that background check are only seen by the hiring authority. And in the event, if the appointee were Bryen or Ledeen and the hiring authority were Perle, Wolfowitz or Feith, the appointee(s) need not have worried about the findings of the background check. In the case of Perle hiring Bryen as his deputy in 1981, for instance, documents released in 1983 under the Freedom of Information Act indicate that the Department provided extraordinarily high clearances for Bryen without having reviewed more than a small portion of his 1978-79 FBI investigation file.


    Perle came to Washington for the first time in early 1969, at the age of 28, to work for a neo-con think tank called the "Committee to Maintain a Prudent Defense Policy." Within months, Senator Henry "Scoop" Jackson offered Perle a position on his staff, working with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. And within months after that–less than a year–Perle was embroiled in an affair involving the leaking of a classified CIA report on alleged past Soviet treaty violations.

    The leaker (and author of the report) was CIA analyst David Sullivan, and the leakee was Richard Perle. CIA Director Stansfield Turner was incensed at the unauthorized disclosure, but before he could fire Sullivan, the latter quit. Turner urged Sen. Jackson to fire Perle, but he was let off with a reprimand. Jackson then added insult to injury by immediately hiring Sullivan to his staff. Sullivan and Perle became close friends and co-conspirators, and together established an informal right-wing network which they called "the Madison Group," after their usual meeting place in–you might have guessed–the Madison Hotel Coffee Shop.

    Perle's second brush with the law occurred a year later in 1970. An FBI wiretap authorized for the Israeli Embassy picked up Perle discussing with an Embassy official classified information which he said had been supplied to by a staff member on the National Security Council. An NSC/FBI investigation was launched to identify the staff member, and quickly focused upon Helmut Sonnenfeldt. The latter had been previously investigated in 1967 while a staff member of the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research, for suspected unauthorized transmission to an Israeli Government official of a classified document concerning the commencement of the 1967 war in the Middle East.

    In 1981, shortly before being appointed Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy (ISP)–with responsibility, inter alia, for monitoring of U.S. defense technology exports, Richard Perle was paid a substantial consulting fee by arms manufacturer Tamares, Ltd. of Israel. Shortly after assuming that post, Perle wrote a letter to the Secretary of the Army urging evaluation and purchase of 155 mm. shells manufactured by Soltam, Ltd. After leaving the ISP job in 1987, he worked for Soltam.


    In 1973, in the dying days of the Nixon Administration, Wolfowitz was recruited to work for the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA). There was a certain irony in the appointment, for in the late 1960's, as a graduate student at the University of Chicago, Wolfowitz had been a student and protege of Albert Wohlstetter, an influential, vehement opponent of any form of arms control or disarmament, vis a vis the Soviets. Wolfowitz also brought to ACDA a strong attachment to Israel's security, and a certain confusion about his obligation to U.S. national security.

    In 1978, he was investigated for providing a classified document on the proposed sale of U.S. weapons to an Arab government, to an Israel Government official, through an AIPAC intermediary. An inquiry was launched and dropped, however, and Wolfowitz continued to work at ACDA until 1980.

    In 1990, after a decade of work with the State Department in Washington and abroad, Wolfowitz was brought into DoD as Undersecretary for Policy by then Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney. Two years later, in 1992, the first Bush Administration launched a broad inter-departmental investigation into the export of classified technology to China. O particular concern at the time was the transfer to China by Israel of U.S. Patriot missiles and/or technology. During that investigation, in a situation very reminiscent of the Bryen/Varian Associates/klystrons affair two years earlier, the Pentagon discovered that Wolfowitz's office was promoting the export to Israel of advanced AIM-9M air-to-air missiles.

    In this instance, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, aware that Israel had already been caught selling the earlier AIM 9-L version of the missile to China in violation of a written agreement with the U.S. on arms re-sales, intervened to cancel the proposed AIM (-M deal. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs at the time was General Colin Powell, currently Secretary of State.

    Wolfowitz continued to serve as DoD Undersecretary for Policy until 1993, well into the Clinton Administration. After that, however, like most of the other prominent neo-conservatives, he was relegated to trying to assist Israel from the sidelines for the remainder of Clinton's two terms. In 1998, Wolfowitz was a co-signer of a public letter to the President organized by the "Project for the New American Century." The letter, citing Saddam Hussein's continued possession of "weapons of mass destruction," argued for military action to achieve regime change and demilitarization of Iraq. Clinton wasn't impressed, but a more gullible fellow would soon come along.

    And indeed, when George W. Bush assumed the Presidency in early 2001, Wolfowitz got his opportunity. Picked as Donald Rumsfeld's Deputy Secretary at DoD, he prevailed upon his boss to appoint Douglas Feith as Undersecretary for Policy. On the day after the destruction of the World Trade Center, September 12, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz raised the possibility of an immediate attack on Iraq during an emergency NSC meeting. The following day, Wolfowitz conducted the Pentagon press briefing, and interpreted the
    President's statement on "ending states who sponsor terrorism" as a call for regime change in Iraq. Israel wasn't mentioned.

    Douglas Feith: Hardliner, Security Risk

    Bush's appointment of Douglas Feith as DoD Undersecretary for Policy in early 2001 must have come as a surprise, and a harbinger, even to conservative veterans of the Reagan and George H.W. Bush Administration. Like Michael Ledeen, Feith is a prolific writer and well-known radical conservative. Moreover, he was not being hired as a DoD consultant, like Ledeen, but as the third most senior United States Defense Department official. Feith was certainly the first, and probably the last high Pentagon official to have publicly opposed the Biological Weapons Convention (in 1986), the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (in 1988), the Chemical Weapons Convention (in 1997), the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (in 2000), and all of the various Middle East Peace agreements, including Oslo (in 2000).

    Even more revealing perhaps, had the transition team known of it, was Feith's view of "technology cooperation," as expressed in a 1992 Commentary article: "It is in the interest of U.S. and Israel to remove needless impediments to technological cooperation between them. Technologies in the hands of responsible, friendly countries facing military threats, countries like Israel, serve to deter aggression, enhance regional stability and promote peace thereby."

    What Douglas Feith had neglected to say, in this last article, was that he thought that individuals could decide on their own whether the sharing of classified information was "technical cooperation," an unauthorized disclosure, or a violation of U.S. Code 794c, the "Espionage Act."

    Ten years prior to writing the Commentary piece, Feith had made such a decision on his own. At the time, March of 1972, Feith was a Middle East analyst in the Near East and South Asian Affairs section of the National Security Council. Two months before, in January, Judge William Clark had replaced Richard Allen as National Security Advisor, with the intention to clean house. A total of nine NSC staff members were fired, including Feith, who'd only been with the NSC for a year. But Feith was fired because he'd been the object of an inquiry into whether he'd provided classified material to an official of the Israeli Embassy in Washington. The FBI had opened the inquiry. And Clark, who had served in U.S. Army counterintelligence in the 1950's, took such matters very seriously…..more seriously, apparently, than had Richard Allen.

    Feith did not remain unemployed for long, however. Richard Perle, who was in 1982 serving in the Pentagon as Assistant secretary for International Security Policy, hired him on the spot as his "Special Counsel," and then as his Deputy. Feith worked at ISP until 1986, when he left government service to form a small but influential law firm, then based in Israel.

    In 2001, Douglas Feith returned to DoD as Donald Rumsfeld's Undersecretary for Policy, and it was in his office that "OSP", the Office of Special Plans, was created. It was OSP that originated–some say from whole cloth–much of the intelligence that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have used to justify the attack on Iraq, to miss-plan the post-war reconstruction there, and then to point an accusing finger at Iran and Syria…..all to the absolute delight of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

    Reason for Concern

    Many individuals with strong attachments to foreign countries have served the U.S. Government with honor and distinction, and will certainly do so in the future. The highest officials in our executive and legislative branches should, however, take great care when appointments are made to posts involving sensitive national security matters. Appointees should be rejected who have demonstrated, in their previous government service, a willingness to sacrifice U.S. national security interests for those of another country.

  8. MRW.
    April 22, 2009, 1:24 pm

    American, next time just provide the link.

  9. Anonymous
    April 22, 2009, 1:37 pm

    Since Doug touched the subject, autoimmune diseases are a clue for people trying to understand how someone can perceive himself exactly the opposite of what he is. Certain jews see themselves as victims the way anorexics see themselves as fat. The cultural reinforcement aggravates still more the genetic predispositions in judaismia victimosa, rendering the victim (voilá!, exclaimed the autoimmune process) unable to recover. That jews are naturally selected for judaismia victimosa predisposition by means of a well established social bubble in the guise of a religion should not be mentioned by the well meaning researcher who wishes to find a cure, thus bringing upon himself the Nobel laurels or more probably a place in the pantheon of lunatic monsters who "wanted to throw the jews into the sea" in case he fails to provide complete eradication.

  10. Mooser
    April 22, 2009, 1:46 pm

    "Well, the jewish community better take a leaf out of Phil's book and get over themselves."

    Sorry, but I don't see that happening with me. I was chosen to be somewaht fabulous.

  11. doug
    April 22, 2009, 2:05 pm


    Rush has little sway except with Republicans but my point had little to do with Rush himself. Rather it is to their reaction upon observing Rush painting his reality to dittoheads. There's a reason for the phrase "goyishe kop" – a general distrust of the goyish masses. He evokes the fear of a Pat Buchanan with charisma.

  12. tommy
    April 22, 2009, 3:10 pm

    People should not oppose Rep. Harman because of her religion or ethnicity. People should oppose Rep. Harmnon's policies towards Israel and her dual loyalty. That means broadcasting to the people in her district about her financial reliance on an Israeli operative and about her advocacy for wire tapping citizens.

  13. rykart
    April 22, 2009, 3:19 pm

    I begin to feel that the only answer is to play things safe and bar Jews from public office.

    As a Jew, that wouldn't trouble me in the least. We'll lose the wise council of Joe Leiberman, Douglas Feith, Elliot Abrams. Nothing to lose sleep over, in my view.

    That will allow smart Jews to continue their meteoric rise in physics and cosmology, literature, etc and keep Jewish riff raff from further perverting our system.

    I'm kidding.

    But not completely.

  14. -
    April 22, 2009, 3:34 pm

    An unknown Jew called a Congress Jew about two other Jews who are accused of spying on America for Israeli Jews, offering to trade a prestigious political position if the Congress Jew would lobby for the Israeli Jews to get the US to back off of the two spying Jews. A reporter Jew broke the story. The congress Jew then screwed up interviews at a NPR interview with a different Jewish reporter. An entirely different (again) Jewish reporter writes a hilarious piece on this story, worthy of mention here.

    How dare anyone bring up religion!

  15. tommy
    April 22, 2009, 4:02 pm

    Harman should run in her next campaign as the Lieberman of the West.

  16. Sin Nombre
    April 22, 2009, 4:59 pm

    – wrote:

    "An unknown Jew called a Congress Jew about two other Jews who are accused of spying on America for Israeli Jews, offering to trade a prestigious political position if…."

    Isn't there a great old movie called something like "Gentleman's Agreement" which took out after the ugly but quiet old anti-semitism that pervaded this country? The idea that there was a basically silent understanding that gentiles help gentiles and not jews?

    I just have to believe that the present American jewish community sees this Harman crap and isn't just boiling mad at her and Saban and AIPAC too if indeed they were involved in this. Indeed, every jew individually too given the pall it casts on the idea that maybe they got to their positions through some modern jewish "Gentleman's Agreement."

    Indeed I suspect we'll be seeing some of that anger. Gonna be an interesting annual AIPAC meeting.

  17. Jose
    April 22, 2009, 5:00 pm

    There's truth in that old saying, "If you can't talk about somebody, they own you".

  18. Ben Gurion
    April 22, 2009, 6:23 pm

    Israeli MOSSSAD control of the U.S. government must be stopped.

    and the spies in A.I.P.A.C. and other Israeli MOSSAD ops in the U.S., exposed, prosecuted, and then shipped back to Israel, or summarily hanged here.

    enough is enough!

  19. Colin Murray
    April 22, 2009, 6:33 pm


    Jane Harman's Jewish. There, I just said it.


    Isn't Nancy Pelosi Jewish?

  20. Citizen
    April 22, 2009, 7:13 pm

    I think her father is Italian Catholic, but I don't know anything else about her family tree. There are websites that say she's a crypto Jew, very easy to find; however there seems no dispute she is
    for Israel all the way and IDs very much with Israel–her daughter married a Jew, and her kids
    sing Happy Birthday in Hebrew: link to

  21. Chris Berel
    April 22, 2009, 7:20 pm

    As with the vast majority of Americans, Pelosi supports Israel against Islamic fascism. Don't like it? Move to Saudi Arabia.

  22. Benevelous
    April 22, 2009, 7:48 pm

    The tide is turning. Many Americans are re-evaluating the unconditional support of Israel and changing their minds about it. Our relationship with Israel is have a detrimental effect on our country. Don't like it? Move to Israel.

  23. Citizen
    April 22, 2009, 7:52 pm

    Nothing on her mother, More on Pelosi's father:
    link to

  24. Citizen
    April 22, 2009, 7:57 pm

    The vast majority of Americans want a balanced hand in the I-P scenario. If they actually got
    both sides of the narrative, Israel would be pulled up by the short hairs, right quick. Hence Chris Berel's anxiety, his verbal diarrhea here.

  25. dogismyth
    April 22, 2009, 9:11 pm

    Good gravy. Do you know how many jews are in position of power in this country's government and large companies? Hate to say it folks, but putting forth our dismay or anger in blogs ain't gonna get us anywhere….but further under their thumb. My sense is we are fuched! They have such control over the necessary resources to live that we will succumb, unless you choose to resist.

    While I regret to be so pessimistic in light of my own family, the writing is on the wall. Nothing will change, contrary to Obama's message to tear-filled hollow supporters. These people are the robots that will drive the dreaded change upon us. We either educate them, or leave'm behind.

    Tell me what ISN'T under jewish control?? I can tell you what is…the media, the banks, the government, the military, the military-industrial complex, think tanks…my god…there everywhere. LOLOLOL….

    I'll hate whomever I choose. Government, stay the fuch out of my life, and my mind. I will also think whatever I want.

    I'll leave you with this, so you can reassure yourself how fuglin ugly its gonna be.

    Barack Obama’s Economic Team

    Benjamin Bernanke(Jewish) – Chairman, Federal Reserve System

    Timothy Geithner(Jewish) – Secretary, U.S. Treasury Department

    Lawrence Summers(Jewish) – Chairman, National Economic Council

    Paul Volcker(Jewish) – Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board

    Jared Bernstein(Jewish) – Chief Economist and Economic Adviser, Vice President

    Peter Orszag(Jewish) – Director, Office of Management and Budget(OMB)

    Gary Gensler(Jewish) – Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission(CFTC)

    Mary Schapiro(Jewish) – Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC)

    Sheila Bair(Jewish) – Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC)

    Karen Mills(Jewish) – Administrator, Small Business Administration (SBA)

    Christina Romer(Jewish husband) – Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers

  26. cha
    April 22, 2009, 9:32 pm

    don't panic dogismyth. your list is wrong. (does that make you happy or sad?) so go back to whoever is feeding it to you and tell them they're idiots. next time check everything for yourself.

  27. American
    April 22, 2009, 10:13 pm

    I think Timothy Geithner is on the up and up ..Larry Summers definitely isn't,he's a total…anti semites!, anti semites! whinnner and excuser who ruined Harvard with his zionistas rants against students protesting Israel …some of the others are questionable but not definite.

  28. dogismyth
    April 23, 2009, 12:25 am

    CHA….oops I forgot to update that with Shulman and Leibowitz. Add two more jews to the bunch. You gotta beef with the list, let me know. Otherwise, it stands. And, yes my research indicates Volcker is jewish. See updated list below.

    American- You need to do some research if you think Geithner is a good boy. Him and Paulson have fleeced american taxpayers for billions, and siphoned it off to their bank buddies…all jewish. I suppose that's wrong too, huh CHA.

    Benjamin Bernanke(Jewish) – Chairman, Federal Reserve System

    Timothy Geithner(Jewish) – Secretary, U.S. Treasury Department

    Lawrence Summers(Jewish) – Chairman, National Economic Council

    Paul Volcker(Jewish) – Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board

    Jared Bernstein(Jewish) – Chief Economist and Economic Adviser, Vice President

    Douglas Shulman(Jewish) – Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service(IRS)

    Peter Orszag(Jewish) – Director, Office of Management and Budget(OMB)

    Jon Leibowitz(Jewish) – Chairman, Federal Trade Commission(FTC)

    Gary Gensler(Jewish) – Chairman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission(CFTC)

    Mary Schapiro(Jewish) – Chairman, Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC)

    Sheila Bair(Jewish) – Chairman, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC)

    Karen Mills(Jewish) – Administrator, Small Business Administration (SBA)

    Christina Romer(Jewish husband) – Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers

  29. Duscany
    April 23, 2009, 2:40 am

    "American, next time just provide the link."

    Boy, I agree. it is really tedious to page though a 5,000 word article when you are expecting a three-line comment.

  30. Duscany
    April 23, 2009, 2:46 am


    Timothy Geithner is, I believe, Episcopalian.

  31. Mathew
    April 23, 2009, 9:26 am

    Why can't the press and American MSM say that Ms Harman is Jewish ??????

    National Union chairman Ya'acov "Ketzele" Katz Dr.served as personal advisor and pollster to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a letter to White House chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel last week admonishing him not to forget his Jewish and Israeli origins.

    In the letter, a Hebrew version of which was provided to The Jerusalem Post by Katz's parliamentary aide, Katz wrote: "For many Israelis, this report is a cause for worry because it reveals a condescending attitude toward our prime minister and Israeli public opinion. This is an attitude that Israel does not expect from a real friend such as the US, and all the more so from an Israeli Jew who has succeeded in being appointed White House chief-of-staff."

    Katz went on to compare Emanuel to the biblical Esther, who ended up at using her influence with Persian King Ahashverosh to intervene on behalf of the Jews of the Persian Empire.

    "For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" Katz wrote, quoting from the Book of Esther (4:14)

  32. jb
    April 23, 2009, 11:29 am

    You did not have to tell me what other reason did she need to break the law. She needs to register as an agent of a foreign nation.

  33. Jag Pop
    April 23, 2009, 9:07 pm

    Well, I can honestly say it took a couple of days (or did the story break big even before that?) before the question even occurred to me "Is Harman jewish?".

    Maybe because I am a goy?


    Which question just arose to you?

    "Did he mean honest?"
    "Did he mean slow?"

    Since it is my nickel and this is my first time commenting (best as I can remember)…

    Someone up above commented that it is a widely held fear in the jewish community that they will be rounded up and gassed. Is that true? I mean is it true that that fear is widely held? If so, then you had better know that it is true. I mean you will be gassed. "The road you take to avoid what you fear very often leads to what you fear." Ummm…best as I can remember, Theodor Herzel created Israel to end antisemitism. Ain't that a gas?

    Oh, my original intent for posting, before I got side tracked, was to let you know that when I Googled to see if Harman was jewish this site was a top source. So thanks. But that doesn't surprise you. Here in Massachusetts we had a New York killer doing his thing, Phil Philip Markoff. Not good…but it didn't take two days for me to wonder if he is jewish. Madoff and Abramoff and now Markoff. Guess it is time to

  34. wtwtwt
    April 24, 2009, 12:15 am

    Every Jew that identifies with Israel the State might as well volunteer him/herself into an insane asylum.
    We have this vast incredibly diverse and complex planet, but somehow in some circles, as in Washington DC, the casual observer is led to believe by the sheer scope of discourse and hype that a tiny piece of land, arid and with few natural resources, is somehow utterly precious. Paranoid schizophrenia in action!
    So it has some history…
    How come it was John Lennon and not Henry Ford who got his ass kicked by the lovers of a lame version of history?
    And we had better bomb a much bigger land (Iran) to save the itty-bitty ever-so-precious (but hates yer KKKristian guts) from… having to spend its own fricking shekel on anything.
    You may call this anti-semitism
    I call it self-defense.
    Quarantine those madmen, save the world!

  35. One Use
    April 26, 2009, 2:31 pm

    > There are plenty of American Jews who don't support Israel.
    > Some anyway. But they don't get into Congress for some reason.

    I dunno if Ron Wyden 'supports Israel' or no, but my observation is that his work is pretty focused on doing what he thinks is right for his country and constituents.

    I've always sensed that Lieberman, Hoyer, and Harman are unabashed Likud party folk who don't even really try to hide what is important to them…and the limbs of American trailer-trash are not especially high on that list…

    I'm pretty sure I remember Harman's name being floated to lead DHS. I found that fairly disturbing as the revelations about her AIPAC affairs are nothing particularly new.

  36. Kevin
    May 12, 2009, 5:24 pm

    We the American people are NOT Israel’s BITCH … Obama and Congress are.,..! Israel is NO Friend to America..!! Congressional members with dual American / Israeli Citizenships are TRAITORS, they should be lined up against a wall and SHOT..!! Israel / Zionist Jews are the Blood Sucking Parasites of the World. They are nothing more then Leeches feeding on Humanity and sucking the life out of Mankind. The sooner this World is rid of them the better we all will be. "Die Israel Die"

  37. CHERYL
    May 12, 2009, 8:34 pm


  38. Marel
    May 12, 2009, 11:41 pm

    Kevin you could not say it better. For the last three millenniums they are destroying the world. Destruction for the sake of destruction. That is Talmudic- Torah law. Marel

  39. Jamie Kelso
    May 13, 2009, 2:30 am

    Every people should control their OWN destiny. And the MOST important institution in any people's destiny is their media. White people in America, and in every White country, should control their own media completely, fully. No institution is more important to their future as a people. Jews should control THEIR own media…not ours. Chinese, Mexicans, Israelis…same deal, every people should FULLY control their own media in all genres: print, TV, news, movies, radio, academic, internet. It is fundamentally immoral for any people to attempt to control the media of another people. And any instances of this immoral practice should be summarily ended. The reason Jane Harman's Jewishness (and that's the correct and courteous adjectival form) is methodically unreported to White viewers and readers is that the American media is overwhelmingly controlled by Jane Harman's racial kinsmen who relish their trade of manipulating the information that White people are allowed to receive. This is an inherently immoral and hateful practice. The web is the only leak that the media monopolists need to stop up. That's what they intend to do with Internet 2. Stay tuned for the death of free speech on the short-lived Internet 1.

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