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Jack Ross responds to Robert Kaplan's suggestion that Iraq was Nazi Germany, and so we could not appease it.

When considering the idea that Israel will be "the new Czechoslovakia",
we must remember that Czechoslovakia, like Israel, was a state that
should never have come into existence. 

Czechoslovakia was the
Wilsonian invention meant to cut down to size the German and Austrian
empires by creating an entirely fictitious country that was every bit
as much a mad ethnic hodge-podge as the Habsburg Empire.  Only the fact
that Germany's head of state had the mind of a serial killer made the
German position at Munich anything but entirely just: that the three
million ethnic Germans of the western part of Czechoslovakia – the
Sudetenland, should have self-determination.

By the grace of
God was a peaceful secession of that Wilsonian Frankenstein monster
brought about when the heart of Europe was finally freed of Soviet

And with respect to "appeasement" generally, World
War II did not begin because Chamberlain "appeased" Hitler at Munich. 
On the contrary, Chamberlain had a Wilsonian/neocon conceit to
intervene there in the first place, and once he had done so decided he
could regulate Hitler's designs by giving the war guarantee to Poland. 
To repeat – it was not the appeasement, but the internationalist hubris
and bellicosity – of Chamberlain which started World War II.

it logically follows that, if we should indeed reduce repairing
relations with the Arab world to "appeasing" it by demanding justice in
Palestine, this will not lead to peace, so long as we do not then turn
around and give a war guarantee to Lebanon against Syria.

I asked Jack if his last paragraph is ironical, following out the "logic" of the neocons.

Yes, it was ironical, I was merely comparing the Polish war guarantee to an eventuality as absurd as giving a war guarantee to Lebanon against Syria after the creation of a binational state.

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