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July 31 2009

15 ‘Rachel’ showing marks ‘major shift’ in U.S. Jewish attitudes to Israel

20 Define ‘success’ (in the era of the Israel lobby)

13 I thought Sacha Baron Cohen was brave, turns out he’s just a neocon weenie

6 Israeli left begins to fight the settlers – in the US

3 Obama to honor Tutu, and Robinson, who cried that Palestinian civilization is being ‘destroyed’

3 Terry Gross walks on by torment of ‘Munich’ in Bana interview

4 Will they see the high walls around the birthplace of Jesus?

3 definitely not good for the Jews

July 30 2009

11 Stories from Gaza

0 Milosevic, Putin, Ahmadinejad, Kirchick

July 29 2009

10 We’re moving (by fits and starts) toward a new ‘Comments’ policy

1 Seham: ‘social conservatism in Gaza is a result of violent occupation’

2 Israel’s supporters unwilling to wrestle with Einstein’s change of heart towards Zionism

1 ‘Times’ misses a Jewish angle. Why?

4 Would you buy a used car from this man?

8 Settlements have turned us into ‘the loathsome scum among nations,’ prophetic Peace Now poster cries

5 This Week, I Will Mourn Twice

4 It’s a children’s crusade (against Obama)

5 Obama = Ahmadinejad? Pleease!

July 28 2009

19 Dershowitz allegation that Mufti had 4000 children ‘gassed’ is questioned

10 ‘Commentary’ pulls attack on Max Blumenthal. Why?

20 Some reflections on women’s roles in Gaza

3 posts I won’t be reading, dept.

16 ‘New York Times’ says that Netanyahu called Axelrod and Rahm ‘self-hating Jews’

59 Israeli right welcomes US envoys with racist rally

32 Herzl had a Christmas tree

6 When will American media discover the powerful new religious right?

2 Two Pennsylvania women to report on Gaza at Doylestown coffee shop

July 27 2009

22 Abe Foxman catches foot in mouth in the Huffington Post

64 West Bank protesters imagine a binational future (with only Arab media watching)

119 ‘Rachel’ screening in San Francisco shows a growing movement tired of being censored about Israel

60 Dershowitz says, actually Nakba was Palestinians prolonging the Holocaust

49 and the trickle became a flood…

15 Did Netanyahu create ‘Shepherd’s Hotel’ row so as to defy Obama?

5 ‘Code Pink’ organizes end-of-year march in Gaza

July 26 2009

22 Hope lives in Gaza despite siege, desperation and anger

36 The Holocaust and Israel’s ‘re-establishment’

114 I finally talk to my little brother about the issue

44 Israel Expels African Refugees from Tel Aviv

203 Jewish community is now ‘under siege’ — from within

25 NY Times runs a circa-1950 book review in 2009

6 As usual, ‘NYT’ puts Palestinians inside the parenthesis

4 U.S.’s largest Jewish newspaper promotes aliyah without disclosing settlement angle

11 The internet and journalism (without piety and lamentation)

July 24 2009

33 Head of AJC issues religion-tinged attack on Obama

58 Opponent says Jane Harman represents Israel, not California

9 Bless its heart, ‘NPR’ covers the new Israel

52 Did Israel commit piracy when it intercepted the Free Gaza ship?

27 It’s getting clear Obama needs to set a deadline with the Israeli Government – will he?

July 23 2009

29 The site looks great and we have foliovision to thank for it

56 Jimmy Carter: ‘The desire of leaders in Israel to occupy and colonize the land in the West Bank, that’s been the key problem.’

61 Lieberman uses Hitler against Palestinians. Why not against India?

26 With friends like these…

23 Netanyahu’s ‘Shepherd’s Hotel plot’ against Obama features… Hitler

46 The Internet is breaking down the tribalism, and ignorance, of the past

60 Elliott Abrams tried to shun me and my wife. Maybe we should shun him instead?

July 22 2009

72 Chomsky: Israel’s use of force is illegal–because a peaceful alternative exists

68 The lobby parrots Netanyahu on the Jewish civil right to Palestinians’ homes

31 American lawmaker Weiner to violate Jewish law, along with most other young Jews

13 Obama pressure creates… settlement goldrush!

231 Cruel but Necessary: Israeli Opinions about the Settlements and Obama

10 Israel expels ‘Nakba’ from schools (or did it just flee on its own?)

14 You can’t always judge a man by the content of his t-shirt

13 IDF officers circulate Catholic-baiting pamphlet eerily reminiscent of ‘Protocols of Elders of Zion’

22 Frum is finally halfway transparent about his religious-nationalist claim for Israel

12 Writer banned from ‘DailyKos’ after satirizing settlements

July 21 2009

88 Seham: ‘I’d rather hear that the oppression is religious’

July 11 2009

60 Loewenstein: Looking for God in a West Bank colony, Jews shoot me death stares

July 21 2009

30 ‘Mondoweiss’ will be down over the next day

July 20 2009

44 Bil’in replicates Cellcom soccer commercial with different results

30 Wait, Bibi– Palestinians can’t go buy property in West Jerusalem

26 Makovsky once again volunteers as Arab mouthpiece!

56 A Jewish state — or Jewish values?

48 Amid constant threats, Palestinians secure in the belief that ‘this too shall pass’

186 Deck the halls! JINSA says it’s in ‘jeopardy’

24 Seham: Two cheers for the American Jews making pilgrimages to Palestine

12 In Bethelehem, students are warehoused behind the wall

44 Security boss: ‘Hamas wants an end to conflict.’ Netanyahu: ‘Shut up’

37 Arab spokesman Makovsky explains that Islamists seek return of ‘Hidden Imam’ (more about this later!)

36 Netanyahu tries to market East Jerusalem expansion in civil rights lingo

26 Nakba denial may soon become Israeli law – 230 lecturers already plan to challenge it

11 U.S. Jewish relationship to Israel is ‘tragedy,’ says rabbi in Jerusalem

July 19 2009

119 While the US and Israel spar over settlements, Israel continues ethnic cleansing in Jerusalem

115 Obama: ‘Don’t build there.’ Netanyahu: ‘Forget about It’

20 I passed along a false report re Ethan Bronner

64 Shameless Israel lobbyist Makovsky (again) puts himself forward as Palestinian spokesman

48 ‘Israeli gov’t is slapping us across the kisser with our money!’ (an Ohioan speaks out)

89 A day in the West Bank shows ‘the soldiers are settlers but in uniform. They both symbolize the occupation.’

8 Avnery uses a beautiful adage, the ‘feel of truth,’ to valorize the soldiers’ testimonies from Gaza

8 In ‘Heart of Jenin,’ injustice finds bromides

July 18 2009

51 ‘Peace Now’ speaker says settler violence is ‘political… terrorism’

25 Dispatches from the “most moral army in the world”: The full Breaking the Silence report on Operation Cast Lead

76 Roadmap’s offspring: Iraq war. And the settlement freeze’s?

13 Huwaida Arraf on non-violence (and Finkelstein too)

47 many American journalists can tell you the BEST Israeli cab driver, restaurant, neighborhood, etc

26 video crackdown (in Tehran yes, and in Israel too)

17 Leaving Israel

16 inside ‘Bruno,’ a glimpse of the Nakba

July 17 2009

49 Olmert tries a Hail Mary in the WaPo by resuscitating the ‘generous offer’ Predictably, he fumbles.

26 Gaza is Tet (In ’68, the American people stopped believing the lies)

36 Blumenthal: I wanted to be a liberal Zionist but liberal values were not compatible

16 this year in al-Quds

36 Misleading, and apologetic, map in the ‘Times’

25 Scratch Jerusalem, Barack, it’s … Chinatown

26 Olmert op-ed uses the word ‘Jewish’ only once (and hints at one-state)

11 Israel is painting itself into a corner when it attacks Human Rights Watch. (Oh I guess it’s already there…)

24 Working on the screenplay for our heroic/tragic biopic… ‘Herzl’

9 ‘Haaretz’ runs a piece on anti-Zionist Marc Ellis, when will the ‘NYT’ get there?

17 ‘Washington Post’ assails Justice Ginsburg for saying abortion reduces problem ‘populations’

17 bad dream

July 16 2009

15 Barack sure seems to be graying fast

40 It’s hard to campaign against intermarriage when you’re voting for Obama

45 Foxman worries that Obama is Carter redux

112 o happy day… ‘Washington Post’ covers racist Israeli current, and mentions the word ‘Nakba’

25 ‘Human Rights Watch’ tries to get past identity politics

12 Abunimah: despite all the ‘pressure,’ Obama seems to be licensing illegal colonization

80 Are Jews the new WASPs? Mebbe so

5 Warm-n-fuzzy ‘Times’ profiles of rightwingers served the lobby (advertently)

July 15 2009

36 Update from Jerusalem: Palestinians continue to resist concerted Israeli effort to erase them from the city

54 Viva Palestina convoy of US activists breaks the siege of Gaza

21 Wide-eyed college kids flood Ramallah, determined to change the world in a month

7 MSNBC commentator pipes line that Arab states worry about Iran more than peace process. He’s wrong

11 Obamen and J Street (new nexus)

54 goody goody gumdrops

33 Mearsheimer: C-Span would cover a debate. Jump up to it, Yivo!

72 Seham: What Palestinians say is meaningless unless a Jew of conscience signs off on it first (ugh)

57 Hillary to demand more– *from Arabs*

72 Breaking the Silence kinda breaks the silence

62 When Jews agonize about their identity and Israel, is that an elitist tea party?

7 Sonia– Kate Winslet ‘joked’ that she wouldn’t win an Oscar till she played a Holocaust victim

4 How they do it: Hoenlein brought Limbaugh to Israel and Mossad, many years ago

0 It’s time for Yivo to host a debate with Walt and Mearsheimer

11 Can we start a brushfire re Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s weird statement about abortion/eugenics?

July 14 2009

17 Update from New Profile: our ‘criminalization follows a fault line that has long been quaking beneath the surface of Israeli society and is now visibly cracking open’

257 The Discourse It Is a-Changin’: ABC News reports on Israeli plan to ‘ethnically cleanse’ road signs

172 Max Blumenthal: Feeling the hate in Tel Aviv (Huffington Post pulls the plug, again)

8 Once Bush’s poodle, now Blair is Bibi’s

11 ‘Birthright’ trip provider: Iraq war was ‘great for Israel’

73 Sotomayor for the bench, Jim Crow for the West Bank (Where does the rubber meet the road on Jewish advocacy for minorities?)

July 13 2009

15 Hoenlein: No daylight between US and Israel. Obama: I disagree

23 American Jewish C’tee enjoys slagging off critics, then refusing them a platform to respond

10 Department of No Comment

237 Medea Benjamin to talk about her 3 visits to Gaza, in NY tom’w night

20 dirty couches, dogs without water, synagogue seats, and teenage boys with light mustaches (Loewenstein visits an outpost)

3 Why isn’t Obama dickering with Abbas on settlements? (Cherchez la puissance)

7 Formerly on enemies list, Ben-Ami is breaking bread in the big house with Hoenlein and Foxman

6 Fresh from ‘ethnic cleansing,’ Israel Project teams up with AEI on Iran western scare

5 Obama’s progressive base seems to be turning on Israel

4 Why not a demo outside McCann and Erickson’s NY office over repulsive ad?

July 12 2009

47 What does a blockade feel like? Video depicts last night of ‘Spirit of Humanity”s attempted passage to Gaza

38 In Ramallah, Naomi Klein apologized to Palestinians for not joining cause earlier, saying ‘Nothing but cowardice’ stopped her

15 Goooaaaal: ‘Washington Post’ nails Israeli/American ad that paints Wall as fun n games

24 Who’s running? David Harris of AJC declines to debate Walt and Mearsheimer

15 Activists stage picnic to show Israeli military’s double standard when it comes to West Bank settlers

12 Bay area Jews say they’ve experienced professional and personal ‘sanctions’ for expressing pro-Palestinian views at gay pride parade

17 Leonard Cohen won’t be playing Ramallah after all, boycott group reports

3 NYT publishes piece on the sociology of the new establishment, and says nada about Jews

54 Playwright David Zellnik on that ‘huge figure,’ Theodor Herzl

July 11 2009

14 ‘Newsweek’ is namby-pamby on the Israel lobby

47 How Israelis see the Wall vs how the rest of the world sees the Wall

34 Why are some men afraid of hijab, and why are feminist/women’s organizations silent about it?

53 this makes my heart hurt (what has Zionism done to my people?)

16 Israeli foreign ministry seeks to pay shills in blogosphere to get out the good word

27 Gabriel Schoenfeld is following us on Twitter, giving me a morning– uh, brainwave

July 10 2009

13 Mustafa Barghouti gased at Bi’lin (and me– I finally use the word ‘four-flusher’ in a post)

44 Which smear has greater effect–self-hating Jew or anti-Semite?

139 In the ‘Washington Post,’ no less

56 Fox News covers Bil’in protest with shocking video and inane commentary

66 Jewish leadership finally steps up to the ongoing challenge of Gaza – Support the Jewish Fast for Gaza

16 Some in the Middle East seem to want a world war

18 No it isn’t the Pentagon Papers, but here’s a small sign that the MSM is (finally) going to take on the big bad Israel lobby

25 Israel gov’t kinda denies that Netanyahu called Axelrod/Emanuel ‘self-hating Jews’

29 The Gaza diet (and the Congo diet and the Zimbabwe diet)

24 Jeez Louise– ‘Israel Project’ is also in bed with nutter pastor John Hagee

19 Netanyahu’s security adviser expresses feelings of abandonment (‘We are always alone. Remember Auschwitz’)

July 9 2009

104 ‘self-hatred’ smear suggests Zionism has a glass jaw

61 Israel lobby group says removing settlements is ‘ethnic cleansing’

28 Sabrosky: I express my Jewish identity in cuisine, not foreign policy

29 ‘JPost’ memo to Obama: Israel doesn’t keep its word on settlements

53 Mr. Netanyahu, step away from the mic: Bibi defends settlers to Germans with Holocaust analogy

16 Dershowitz: Jews must not divide on Israel

28 Wait Bibi– Jeffrey Goldberg said Rahm’s not a self-hating Jew! (I need a rabbi, fast)

23 Mr. Netanyahu, how many American Jews are ‘self-hating’?

19 On ‘Huffpo’ no less, Makdisi decries Israel as ‘botched settler-colonialist enterprise’

3 According to some historical accounts, there were pogroms in Russia

12 Netanyahu’s father says Bibi doesn’t want a Palestinian state, and acted to assure that outcome

21 Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes weird statement suggesting abortion serves eugenic goals

6 Herzl quotation of the day. Anticipated the Balfour Declaration as result of ‘money-givers’

21 Five years after the International Court of Justice decision against the Wall, Palestinians are still waiting for the world to act

July 8 2009

21 His resume featured ‘millions’ of deaths, still McNamara retained stature. Why?

9 Feelin the love, in Gaza

116 Is this ‘natural growth’? American immigrants flood Israeli settlements, backed by the Israeli government

21 Hoping to build the leaders of tomorrow, AIPAC offers high level access to Congressional interns

52 Cynthia McKinney returns to the US after spending a week in an Israeli prison for trying to aid Gaza

18 Neocons– read McNamara’s obit. Reread. Again. Repeat, for 40 years

29 ‘Morally, we are what we do, not what we say we meant’ (Bromwich)

37 NYT swaddles mildly pro-Palestinian view in turgid prose

July 7 2009

48 ‘you can’t still adore Obama if Israel bombs Iran…’

83 This is what occupation looks like: Israeli military raids Bil’in at 3 a.m. with batons and grenades

18 ‘Our drum beats blast through this apartheid wall’

82 Aboelela: ‘detribalize’ the narrative and Americans will start to empathize with Palestinians

43 Seizure of ‘Spirit of Humanity’ was ‘simple act of piracy’

32 Did Biden open gate to Israeli attack on Iran?

37 Jewish body in Germany decries hate-slaying of Muslim woman

July 6 2009

40 the battle for the soul of Israel is taking place on Israeli TV, not ours

126 Abunimah: Obama initiative cannot effect even minimal conditions for 2-state solution

43 Watching Israeli Amiel Vardi confront a stonefaced commander, I want to do klezmer all night long

33 The white man needs a non-Arab intermediary before he’ll listen to Arab concerns

19 Where is the Gandhi of Israel?

5 Lieberman sounds tricky

July 5 2009

67 Human rights worker Mike Levy explains why he singles Israel out

20 Kansas City turns out for Gaza, Galloway

99 Seham: How can I be positive when I see the conditions of Palestinian life right now?

5 Washington Post reporter Tom Ricks describes paper’s unreconstructed neocon op-ed page as ‘insane’

27 NPR’s foreign editor Loren Jenkins is a secret sharer. Hallelujah. Not that you’d ever know from the broadcast

16 kumbaya post for July 4

10 Obama initiative on 2SS is dead in the cradle till he says ‘settlements are illegal’

July 4 2009

99 Zellnik: make 2 democratic states (and then dream about one state)

16 ‘All Things Considered’ was a miracle baby in 1990. And now? (I’m not giving away the punchline in the headline)

8 Bibi’s endgame? A castrated Palestinian state

20 Brokaw says Israelis can learn from Buchenwald about ‘their treatment of Palestinians’

18 ‘Forward’ piece touches on dual loyalty as motivator for Iraq war

2 Obama’s ambassadorial nods are no gamechanger: Citigroup to London, Goldman to Germany

July 3 2009

21 single loyalty: man jumps from American Jewish Committee to Israel’s National Security Council

9 Obama, middle east messiah

103 Meet two young Palestinians who cannot leave Gaza to accept scholarships

12 Jewish colonies now seeking tourism, including armored buses to outposts

20 ‘Commentary’ prints a sparkling gem of ’50s anti-Semitism, absent the usual moralizing

20 Recalling the rise of the ‘Sex Pistols’ naturally leaves a body somewhat cynical about the Tehran uprising

28 Clearly, Harvard failed me

July 2 2009

28 The siege of Gaza continues

19 we finally get around to doing a Mikaeel Jackson post

35 Larry Franklin says Justice Department was gunnin for Feith

79 Loewenstein: Why would anyone who can get along with Arabs want to exalt the two-state solution?

22 What are those values that the US and Israel share again?

11 the hard intellectual labor of sorting out Marty Peretz, Alan Dershowitz and Norman Podhoretz

31 Every once in a while don’t you think the U.S. had a hand in Tehran uprising so as to demonize Iran?

17 The flare-up over the ‘freeze’ shows that Israel has little interest in the peace process

8 Bloody hell! Huffpo reports that Jews ‘do not reign supreme’ in Manhattan

135 The lobby now admits it is a ‘sliver,’ unrepresentative of majority of American Jews

154 First they came for Trader Joe’s. Then they came for Target

52 Why the mainstream media are sinking

13 California’s broke? State official leads panel urging investment in… Israel

67 Engel and Hoyer play Jew/Not a Jew with racist Israeli foreign minister

July 1 2009

70 The Yes Men say no to the Jerusalem Film Festival

40 ‘Times’ columnists could be pressuring Obama. Except for Cohen, they’re AWOL

171 Should Americans have a vision of Israel as a ‘democratic Jewish state’?

100 ‘Exodus’ drew the world’s sympathy. Will Gaza boat?

27 Israel lobby in action: the ‘LA Times’ once stifled Hezbollah story out of piety for Israel’s foundational myths