Abe Foxman catches foot in mouth in the Huffington Post

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This opening line from ADL chief Abe Foxman’s shot at Obama’s settlement policy in the Huffington Post is patently absurd:

For years the Palestinians and leaders in the Arab world have complained that, when it comes to the Arab – Israeli conflict, the United States has acted like Israel’s lawyer.

Yeah, Palestinians and Arab leaders like…um….like Aaron David Miller? Here’s Miller, a former U.S. negotiator in the Arab-Israeli peace process and adviser to six Secretaries of State, in a 2005 oped, appropriately titled "Israel’s Lawyer":

For far too long, many American officials involved in Arab-Israeli peacemaking, myself included, have acted as Israel’s attorney, catering and coordinating with the Israelis at the expense of successful peace negotiations.

Care for a rewrite Abe? Foxman tries to discredit Obama’s settlement push by implying he is being a patsy for the Arabs, but instead he inadvertently reminds us that there is a widely held consensus that the US has been one sided for too long. 

Amazing that this type of drivel – generalizing and playing fast and loose with facts – makes it onto HuffPo all the time, while Max Blumenthal’s work keeps getting pulled down.

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