Head of AJC issues religion-tinged attack on Obama

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mondoeThe knives are unsheathed for Obama. David Harris of the American Jewish Committee addresses 20 Democratic Senators and attacks Obama for singling out Israel and critiques Obama’s Israel/Palestine policy, including the idea that Israel must end the occupation:

In the end, Israel cannot and will not return to the fragile armistice lines of 1967. This was acknowledged by Presidents Clinton and Bush, and we hope that it will be reaffirmed.

Also Harris says that Jews have an ancient right to a homeland in Israel, going back to the bible. The Jewish claim has nothing to do with the Holocaust, as Obama alleged in Cairo. (David Frum made the same bible-thumping claim the other day). Why do the Senators listen to this guy? I thought the religious right was dead. It is, on the Christian side. H/t Jeff Blankfort.

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