Gush Shalom campaigns to deny federal tax exempt status to US charities supporting settlements

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Last week I posted on an exciting new Gush Shalom campaign to cut off funding from the US for Israeli settlements. Now we have more information on the campaign directly from Gush Shalom, and the campaign is focused much more broadly than just money to the settlements.

The organization was kind enough to share more details on the campaign, which I’ve included below. In addition to targeting US-based non profit organizations which serve as financial conduits to the settlers, and larger Jewish charities, such as Nefesh B’Nefesh and the Jewish National Fund, that carry out projects in the occupied Palestinian territories, Gush Shalom is also going after "those supporting policies enabling illegal settlement activity through propaganda campaigns" such as StandWithUs and The Israel Project. Great work.

We’ll be following this campaign closely. Hopefully this campaign will find some US partners soon. As I said earlier, this is really a campaign that should be coming from the American Jewish community as a way to take responsibility for our ongoing complicity in the Israeli occupation. Here are the details from Gush Shalom –

Gush Shalom memo

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